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[http://althistory.wikia.com/wiki/German_South_West_Africa_(1983:_Doomsday) German South West Africa]
[http://althistory.wikia.com/wiki/German_South_West_Africa_(1983:_Doomsday) German South West Africa]
[[File:800px-Flag of Norfolk Island.svg.png|30px]] {{1983DD|Norfolk Island}} ([[User:GOPZACK|adopted]])
[[File:Flag of Norfolk Island.svg|30px]] {{1983DD|Norfolk Island}} ([[User:GOPZACK|adopted]])
[[File:Flag Proposal 2.png|30px]] {{1983DD|Bermuda}} ([[User:Gamb1993|adopted]])
[[File:Flag Proposal 2.png|30px]] {{1983DD|Bermuda}} ([[User:Gamb1993|adopted]])

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Hey everyone, welcome to my user page. I'm Arstar, and I contribute to 1983: Doomsday a lot. I also made a couple of other timelines and was one of the founders of Map Games on this site.

Name Alex
TSPTF Ranking: Former Constable
Joined: March 30th, 2010

American and Costa Rican,


30px Cuban

SpainFlagNew.png Spanish

  • Catalan
  • Galician

25px Euskara ItalyflagwithMedici.png Italian Austriaflag.png Austria 30px French

  • Flag of Occitania without star.png Occitan

Native American Anglo-Saxon

Political views:


Political party:

Roman Catholic


Comedy,Classical History, American History, The US Military, Politics, Video Games, Hip-Hop,


I am bilingual in Spanish and English.


1983: Doomsday

North America

83DD-NiagaraFallsFlag2.png Niagara Falls

Flag of Pennsylvania.svg North Pennsylvania

SoFl-Flag2.png Republic of Florida

Plymouthflag.png Commonwealth of Plymouth


Usarflag.png United States Atlantic Remnant

Calirepublic.png California Republic(w Yankovic270)

United Communities 3.jpg United Communities (w JackOfSpades)

30px South Georgia And South Sandwich Islands (w -Sunkist-)

Flag of Wisconsin.svg Republic of Wisconsin

30px Maine (w Mitro)

NorthCarolinaFlag-OurAmerica.png North Carolina

30pxArkansas (w Gopzack)


30px Republic of New York (w Yankovic270)

30pxState of Colorado

Keene flag new.png Lake Placid

Flag of Macau.svgMacau (w Yankovic270)

South America

30px Tristan Da Cunha & Gough Island(w - Sunkist-)


30px Tuscan Republic(w Fedelede and Oerwinde)

Impchinaflag.png Imperial China

NewRomeFlag.png New Rome

SpainFlagNew.png Republic of Spain

ItalyflagwithMedici.pngItaly (w Lordganon)

30px Georgia (w Fedelede)

30px Italian Peninsula Alliance (w -Sunkist-)

30px Dagestan (w VENEZUELA and Lordganon)

30px San Marino (w -Sunkist-)

30pxMalta (w LordGanon)


30px Waterboersland

30px Volkstaat


Bonin islands flag.PNG Ogasawara


Click the "adopted" link to see who I adopted each article from.

Flag of SAC (DD).png South American Confederation (w Venezuela, Fedelede, Fero, and Katholico)

30px Celtic Alliance (adopted)

NorthGermanFlag.pngNorth Germany (adopted)

83DD-TaiwanFlag.png Taiwanese China

Alps flag.jpg Alpine Confederation (adopted)

Flag of Superior.svg Republic of Superior (adopted)

Orleansflag.pngDuchy of Orleans (adopted)

German South West Africa

Flag of Norfolk Island.svg Norfolk Island (adopted)

Flag Proposal 2.png Bermuda (adopted)

Luxembourg.flag.png Luxembourg (adopted)

Former Articles

Flag of Pennsylvania.svg Reading, Pennsylvania

Eureka (w Mitro)


Other Timelines

Template:46 Stars

I am the author of 46 Stars, a semi-cooperative timeline still in the early prototype stages. I once had an entire revision approximately 15,000-30,000 bytes long until my wifi stopped working and I tried saving, but that was lost.

Template:Wasteland Europe

I am theauthor of Wasteland Europe, along with South Writer who has made tons of contributions and without it would be totally different.

Irelandflag.png - Irish Republic

Vichyflag.png - French Republic of Vichy - Proposal

Map Games

I have participated in the original Map Game, and started one of the first after that one on this site, the "Cold War!" Map Game which was extremely successful and briefly topped the Talk:1983: Doomsday page in number of daily visitors, back when 1983DD was the undisputed king of the site.

Cold War! (Map Game) Map Game

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