Alternative History

My Althists

  • Russian Rise - This TL sees no Russian Civil War, no Stalin, no Purges which means no 50 million deaths in 50 years. This combined with little loss in the Second World War means that Russia is in a far better position than in OTL. There is no economic slump in the 1990's and eventually Russia reemerges as the second superpower.
  • Tsar's World - With the POD in the 1720's, this TL sees the major events of OTL go by, albeit with some changes, but in 1991 instead of the USSR dissolving the Soviet Republics apart from Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia merge with the RSSR into the Russian Empire and the Tsar is reinstated after the equivalent of OTL August coup.
  • Plan Aurora - This TL sees no Brezhnev, no stagnation in thw 1970's, no second detente period in the late 1980's and WWIII.
  • Small Things 1 -

Adopted Althists

  • The Raging Bear - Stalin has fore-warning of Operation Barbarossa and takes action against it, changing the world forever.