Greetings, I am known on Wikia as Baron Joshua though I'm not really a Baron nor is my name Joshua. I'm from the United States of America, and an Aspie, someone with Aspergers. Which is categorized as high functioning autism. That being said it's also characterized by highly developed organizational skills and in some problem solving. Attributes I utilize on this site for the purpose of categorizing articles and discerning the rippling effects of alternate events in history.

Strengths; American History, British History, German History

Personal Terms

Terms I've come up with or believe myself to have come up with as I've yet to see them used earlier then myself on this wiki;

  • Effective Date (ED) - The Effective Date is the latest a timeline can explore it's POD before the rest become entirely fiction. The Effective Date is the last date where events are supported by real world documentation of possible directions history could have taken. It's the last date where one can say 'That seems a possible outcome of the POD based on the evidence at hand'. After the Effective Date events are entirely speculative; theoretical- utterly fictional. The Effective Date is the best point to begin a 'spin off' timeline based on another alternate history presented by the wiki community.

Favorite Althists on the Wiki

Projects that I am focused on

  • Better 2000s - What if the 2000s had not been the decade from Hell as the New York Times labeled it? Right now this song suits how I've been approaching the work- focusing on people and the ripples of their interaction with others. It's like going back in time with foresight and coming to appreciate how much an individual's life impacts others. In writing this I can give people a better decade, even while I know that the decade to come may be far worse. It's a second chance.

Other Projects

Some on going some put up for adoption.

Concepts for Alternate Histories

  • 1990s Retrofuture - A lot of speculation and announced innovations can be found in the 90s. Things that didn't come to pass or did in a different form. This is an example of internet search envisioned in the 90s. The 90s wasn't that long ago and society changed a lot more rapidly then expected. This is a small project built around the idea of manipulating events so that certain things came into being that did not in OTL. This divergent path in technological development may have some fascinating impacts on the world.
  • A Confederate Victory - I have not been having a lot of fun working on the National Union America timeline. The idea of a single party US with certain decreased liberties so early in our history is not one that I find enjoyable exploring. Regardless the era the POD occurs in has given me a focus on the Civil War era and I would like to try my detailed hand on such a scenario. Going with an early victory regarding the capturing of DC followed by a treaty that would recognize he CSA as it was in that era. Like the NUA timeline I would be examining who was in power (the Confederate Congress) and from there see how the future unfolds with no outcome set as an objective- just speculation as people are examined. The pro-Union movements, abolitionists, etc of the South as well.
  • Bassel's Syria - A timeline where Bassel Al-Assad did not die in a car crash but became President of Syria rather then his younger brother Bashar who continued his medical work in the UK as an Optometrist.
  • Bush Family Tradition - A silly little concept built around the idea of Jeb Bush somehow becoming the 45th President of the United States of America. The timeline is built around a family tradition developing where the Bush family tries to run for president frequently. It'd eventually see George P. Bush running for office. United States laws regarding term limits still apply and so forth- it's just a timeline that sees the Bush name recurring a lot in American politics likely leading to some conspiracy theories of a secret American monarchy. In addition to running for president another family tradition is military service. It's inspired by this odd falsehood I had as a child, due to two presidents having the name Bush my young elementary school mind concluded that the US has an elective monarchy- a silly thing looking back on it but that's what I thought and that's what's inspired this concept.
  • Ford's World - Ford might not be President but in this timeline he is the man of the century. IN this timeline Henry Ford's Peace Ship does carry with it influential peace activists and Influenza (due to the person who brought it aboard not accompanying the passengers) doesn't break out. Peace isn't instant but it does come without the US getting militarily involved. Welfare Capitalism becomes the dominant labor philosophy in the United States.
  • International Peace Congress - What if, in a world where the American Civil War was averted and/or the Crimean War, the International Peace Congress continued to hold sessions? What did this organization accomplish during it's decade run from 1843 until 1853 of OTL, and what more could it have done had it continued to hold annual meetings? This Congress had in OTL passed resolutions for the reduction of arms and passed bans on loans for foreign wars. It invited a speaker to speak against Slavery and it's where the United States of Europe was proposed in 1848. The meetings in OTL ceased during the wars of the mid-19th century (the American Civil War and the Crimean War).
  • Tesla Lives - This is separate from the World of Nikola Tesla in that the timeline doesn't 'bend' to his social concepts and expectations. It is rather a straight Alternate History which sees the 83 year old Tesla live a bit longer though due his manner of death how long is uncertain. This allows him to complete more projects (only the projects we know he was working on before death) and for him to see the end of World War II.
  • Tesla the Priest or Tesla the Rasputin of Serbia- Tesla becomes a priest and like other men of the cloth of the era continues to contribute to science as in OTL. Becoming something of the 'Rasputin of Serbia' as some circles will remember him. Not so much for politics but rather for being by some a 'Sorcerer Priest' much as Rasputin was rumored to be. Tesla does however have contact with the King of Serbia so perhaps the reputation is more well earned then I presently consider.
  • Tauri Nation - This timeline concept involves the Tauri people and the eventual establishment of a Tauri state around the mid 10th century (around 950) as a result of altering Byzantine history.
  • The Stones - Islam does not rise in this timeline causing the traditional Bedouin faith to remain longer. The Battle of Mecca is the POD in this timeline. Without the rise of Islam the Sasanian Empire fragments into several successor states rather then being conquered and divided among Islamic conquerors. This leaves a large portion of central Asia to remain Zoroastrian during the middle ages. Catholicism and the Coptic Church become more prominent in Africa.
  • Weitkrieg - A timeline where neither Russia nor the USA got involved in the first world war.
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