Baron of the Lieutenancy of the TSPTF

Greetings! I am Ben Karnell, B.L. (Emeritus), a retired admin on this wiki. I am currently inactive, though not necessarily forever. Nevertheless I welcome emails to Hablo español, und ich spreche ein Bißchen deutsch. Disco linguam latinam sed non bene loquor.

Elsewhere in the Internet, I am a member of the Ill Bethisad Project, the project that helped spawn this wiki, though I discovered both IB and this site a few years after the wiki was created and am not one of the original Founders. I also participate in Some of my projects, especially the Parra language and a country called the ASB, can be found at my personal site,

In real life I live in the land of Illinois (I tried to start one Illinois TL, but it's not gone anywhere yet). For my other OTL biases, all I'll say is that I'm a Lutheran and that on the Political Compass I fall in the Green Square. I can take credit for codifying the NCNC guideline and try my best to abide by it in my writing and administering.

Ben has been honored for his efforts to fight redundancy by the Anti-Redundancy Department of Anti-Redundancy with the Prestigious Award of Prestige for his efforts to fight redundancy everywhere.

My contributions

Group projects

  • Iceland in "Hitler is an American" storyline
  • Punjab and Xhosa in the no-holds-barred world of Puget Sound-1

1983: Doomsday

The fact that most of these are tiny islands probably offers some kind of insight into my personality.

Work space

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