I'm pretty sure I created a link to this subpage in response to a Chat conversation where some younguns were asking about life in the Before Time. My thinking was that I could record old bits of Alternate History Wiki lore before it faded into e-blivion. But I never actually did create anything, and now I have no memory of what we had actually been talking about. Still, it seems like a useful thing to have. I'll fill in some stories by and by. If you want to use the talk page, ask away.

The Nik Veda

In Which the Wiki Comes to Be

The Book of Bethisis

In Which an Account is Given of the Links Betwixt This Plane and That

The Legend of the Wandering Admin

In Which Ben Logs In to Discover that He Is an Admin, and that There Are No Other Admins

The Mapgamilion

In Which the Time Stream Protectors Wonder What to Do About Teenagers

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