Nationality: Flag of the United States.svg American
Faith: Christian
Political views: Conservative
Political party: Republican
Main interests:
  • Geopolitical history
  • History, books, and politics
  • Political/Action/Comedy Movies.
  • Wikipedia and alternative history
Althistory interests: All Alternate History.
Bobby Lives
Rober F. Kennedy lives and is elected president in 1968.
Joseph Kennedy Jr. survives World War 2 and is elected president in 1960.
No Keynes
John Maynard Keynes neglects to publish General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money, and eventually moves on to other (non-economic theory related) things. There is no "Keynesian Revolution."
One-Term Limit
George Washington decides to retire after one term.
President Churchill
Winston Churchill's parents move to the U.S. just months before their son is born.
President Kemp
Jack Kemp returns to California after retiring from football and enters politics.
President Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh wins the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007, and is elected President in 2008.
President MacArthur
Douglas MacArthur wins the Republican presidential nomination in 1953 after a deadlock between Eisenhower and Taft.
President McEwen
Bob McEwen is elected to the Senate in 1988 and from there the world will never be the same.
President Schlafly
Phyllis Schlafly is elected to Congress in 1970 and begins on path that will lead to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
President Ventura
Jesse Ventura is elected President in 2000 and changes presidential politics forever.
The Disunited States of America
The U.S. Constitution never happens and the Articles of Confederation remain in force.
English England
Harold wins the Battle of Hastings.
North American Federal Treaty Agreement
Canada, the Union, and the Confederacy form a federation after World War II.
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