aka Harrison

  • I live in America
  • I was born on November 5
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male


Hola Bonjour Hallo Hello Привет Përshëndetje مرحبا Բարեւ Kaixo прывітанне হ্যালো Здравейте 您好 Pozdrav Dobrý den Hej Saluton Tere Kamusta Hei Ola გაუმარჯოს Γεια σας હેલો Bonjou שלום हैलो Nyob zoo Helló halló ndewo Dia duit Ciao こんにちは ಹಲೋ ជំរាបសួរ 안녕하세요 ສະບາຍດີ salve Sveiki Здраво हॅलो Сайн байна уу خوش Witaj Olá ਹੈਲੋ Bună ziua хелло dobrý deň Habari வணக்கம் హలో สวัสดี Merhaba Привіт خوش Xin chào helo העלא Kaabo sawubona Hei

Welcome to my profile

Map Games

Member Of

Note: This goes in order of time from the first to last games I signed up/played for.

The War That Came Early: Played as Bulgaria/New Bulgarian Federation, now defunct.

Human Evolution 2.0: Played as the Ar-Yans, now defunct.

States of America 5: Played as the Confederation of Quebec, now defunct.

Vive La Revolution Reloaded!: Played as the Swiss Confederation, now defunct.

Humanity, Awake!: Played as Paris, now defunct.

Principia Moderni I: Played as Prussia, now finished.

Principia Moderni III: Playing as Hesse/Westphalia, and Prussia, now finished.

Mankind Reborn: Played as the Greater Dominion of Berlin, never started.

The Steam Age: Played as the Union Kingdom, now defunct.

Colonization: Played as the United Kingdom, now defunct.

Alternate Nations 3: Created the New German Empire, the Union of American Socialist Counties, and New-New Mexico. Game finished USA map. Defunct at the Canada map.

Medieval World: Age of Kings: Played as Saxony, now defunct.

The Road to War: Played as Bulgaria, now defunct.

Return of Battle for Earth: Played as the Cyrannatarian Kingdom, now defunct.

Novum Saeculum: Played as the Stem Duchy of Bavaria, now defunct.

Axis vs Allies Resurrection: Played as Austria, now defunct.

Emancipation: Played as [enter small state here], now defunct.

Principia Moderni IV: Playing as Bohemia, ongoing.


Grand French Empire Campaign: Based around the highly-asb GFE timeline. Died a few days in. Played as the Grand French Empire.

World War III: Game based around NATO vs Warsaw Pact. Game never started. Played as West Germany.

Look Out, Sir!: An alternate WW2 game. POD was Italy's army was more prepared, and Japan won Midway. Game lasted a week or so, and died due to implausibility. Played as the Third Reich.

Look Out, Sir! Revised: An alternate WW1 game. No POD, players were left to make their own PODs. The game lasted a month or so, died due to lack of interest. Played as the German Empire.


Member of

Note: This goes in order of time from the first to last timelines I signed up for.

1983: Formed the Kalamazoo Kingdom, on going.

Days after Chaos: Formed Omarshin Barbarians, defunct.

Political Simulation Game: Played as Bill McKay, paused.

Game of Nations:Created the Teutonic Confederation, and Slavland, paused.


Grand French Empire: Created timeline, deleted.

Tret'ya Mirovaya Voyna: Created timeline, defunct.

5-13-12 3:54 PM, EST - My 100th edit!

3-29-14 1:26 PM, EST - My 500th edit!

5-21-14 4:29 PM, EST - My 1000th edit!

2-23-15 4:53 AM, EST - My 1500th edit!

7-26-16 1:05 PM, EST - My 1750th edit!

9-3-16 10:42 PM, EST - My 2000th edit!

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