my works in progress:

Shattered Steel: Germany and Italy remain neutral with the USA, who goes on to defeat Japan.

Большое Россия: Tsar Alexander II is not killed on march 13 and we look at the ramifications of that.

Latin American Meiji: Latin America modernizes shortly after the European powers grant independence and the world is forever changed by this development.

Kornilovshina: General Lavr Kornilov begins his coup earlier and succeeds, with major ramifications for the world.

Hitler is an American---Version 1: Adolf Hitler is born and raised in the USA, and a very different World War 2 takes place.

Patriarch of Steel: Josef Stalin remains a priest, with major ramifications.

14 points: the 14 points are accepted at the Versailles conference, leaving Europe totally defenceless against the soviets...

Irish Revolution: the Easter rising is successful, and the dream of a 32 county Irish republic is finally realised...

Ready for the Mother Country: The whites win the Russian Civil war.

Loose Ideas awaiting construction

The King is dead: King William III dies at the boyne.

Derry the fallen: Derry falls to James II

Klein-Venedig: Germany Successfully colonizes Venezuela, as well as OTL Guyanas and Nicaragua.

The Berlin meeting: Nietzsche and Karl Marx meet in a Berlin bar.

The King Lives: Martin Luther King survives the assassination attempt and after 1976, decides to run for president.

An Independent Gipper: Disillusioned about the GOP after the RNC in 1976, Ronald Reagan runs as an independent

X-Day: Japan refuses to Surrender and Operation Downfall goes into effect.

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