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Information and Biography
Nationality: Losersinc.jpg Imperial Canukistan
Residence: Tecumseh.png Tecumseh Commune
Ancestry: Irish Slovak Scottish Ukrainian English French
Political views: Corporate Techno-Eugenicist
Political party: Losers Incorporated
  • Red Mars / Green Mars / Blue Mars
  • Lion's Blood / Zulu Heart
  • Romanitas / Rome Burning / ?
  • Procurator / New Barbarians / Cry Republic
  • Glass Empires
  • Roma Eterna
  • Fitzpatrick's War
  • Memoirs of Cleopatra
  • Late Antiquity
  • Taiko
  • Musashi
  • After Man
  • Space Inc.
Other Projects:
  • Conducting a search for a completed future history known as "Coldwar Universe"[1]
  • The Map Game(no affiliation with Map Games on this site[2])
  • Warhammer 40 000 miniatures
en/-CA-3 This user speaks Canadian and other Englishes pretty ok.
Sy/Re-4 This user has a near native level of understanding of Sillyan and Retardese.
fr-0.5 This user took 12 years of French but can't form or understand basic sentences.
1337-2 7|-|15 |_|50r |-|4z 1|\|73rm33|)3317 |3v31 0v 1337 5p33|<
la-1.52 Latinam tarde cognosco, tarde
grc-1 Hellenike ge bradews, gignwskw

It's a secret project (9450)


another's perspective

something fun

more fun

Denmark County and The Kingdom of Essex

Ready For You To View

Ante Ætas Briani: Prologue and early parallel (not in the alternate sense) of Ætas ab Brian. It explains the POD a bit better.

Ætas ab Brian: A prologue narrative of the History of Rome timeline, not exactly explanatory.

Painfully Slow Progress

History of Rome-After Ætas ab Brian

On Hold

The Haudenosaunee: In retrospect not all that different from the Ætas ab Brian timeline. It is older and so less detailed or logical, it has maps though! EVERYONE loves maps, EVERYONE.

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