Chad Roberts II
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Philosophy/Religion Neo-Hellenic
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Hi this Chad Roberts second account due the original is got somehow (Also unaware) an error to blocked to go the original account.

My timelines (Ether both serious and weak attempts of Alternate Histories) 

Xi's Dynasty - Where it have Xi Jinping's coming out of plans and "reforming" to facing out the "People's Republic of China" into towarding a post-Communist (and right-wing autocratic "national communist") nation along being renamed as the [Nationalist] Republic of China, by completely ditching the Communist (Marxist-Leninist) ideology in favoring his ideology Jinpingism, along slowly decommunization throughout the late 2010s, but not actually to really democratized the nation itself. But, in the same time, Anti-Xi critics and defactors within the CCP were to attempted to replacing him with a new Chairman for the PRC, to keep the status quo. But, this ending up into a eventual Second Chinese Civil War been the Xi's loyalists vs the devoted Chinese Communist (as well, the benefit of the regionalist independence forces) to ousted him from power. This causing him an idea, and inspired from its neighbor, North Korea, to creating an dynasty, if his enemies does take his position from him.

Union States of America - Is Alternate version if USA as a Communist state since during WW1, Cause by Uprising than Civil War three years later, All because by in something happen at Columbia in 1912...

Great Horned God Michael Jackson - It said if Michael Jackson goes to politics and religion and declared semi-retired from music career to believe he the seventh grandson of Greek or Wiccan God Pan or Just the Horned God and this due of his hero last name of based on the deity and that him created Political-religion or Cult of Personality as "Jacksonism" during and after 1996 election if he lose the election and that creates successful uprisings for a year and Jackson later control 45 states put three states remain control the old government and Hawaii and Alaska secede from the USA due of Revolution. And after that he did convert between 45 to 50 million Americans to his Religion and his mission/goal to make himself and humanity into genetic engineered of any type of satyrs and try to change other countries to his Cult of Personality political-religion to spirituality conquest of world while he destroying the other religions within 50 years away, And also Roman Empire revived in 1450's along with Roman religion as Neo-Roman Paganism is main purpose if revival due they successfully coup threat at Venice and renamed as Venice-Roman Republic for 1451-1460...

An Nuclear-Flu Doomsday - WW3 happen in 1963 and Later Bio-Weapon outbreak in 1999 that 54%? (WW3) and other 42% (Bio-Weapon Outbreak) attempts kill most of Human race twice that now coming Pure post-apocalypse again.

Ecological United States - What if Green Party got into rise in the 2000s and still growing after they got more polling until 2008 when they got there first President and officially replace Republicans and eventually Democrats in 2012 (With Libertarians, Reform and Democratic Socialists of America in lesser extent). Create mass technologically breakthroughs (and even biotechnology and synthetic biology) within several years and without tech corporations help despite have anti-science bias and War of Terror still happens cause by right wing political scientists as denial of involvement help other western countries in help against Islamic terrorism.

And also trigger a rise of Cascadian nationalism in Washington and Northern counties of Oregon due overlap beliefs with American Green Party; led the creation of Cascadian National-Green Party (who got 120,000 members as early 2015) a Left-wing nationalistic green political party that officially replace Washington's Republican party since between 2007 or 2009.

United States of America and England - After WW2 ended and Cold War starting begin, has rise of nationalism within Welsh and Scottish regions in late 1950s to 1960s as analogous for United States Anti-War and Civil Rights movement, Over years more Scottish and Welsh-British citizens want government demanding to have their own Parliament or National Assembly in 1970s and succeed to doing so, As UN ask UK to released more colonies (Like South Africa and Hong Kong) for try move on away from its Imperialistic past. Through 1980s and 1990s both Scottish and Welsh want independence referendums (most them failed until 2002 Scottish Independence Referendum that 50% favour leaving UK thus cause paranoia within British government and English society), Cause Scotland officially seceding from United Kingdom and later 2009 with Welsh secession uprisings with final Independence referendum with 52% favour seceding from United Kingdom after that with more paranoia within English society and turning United Kingdom into Absolute Monarchy after Elizabeth II eventually death, by illegal means of "keep" remaining Union left with Northern Ireland with begin promoting Manx and other Crown of Dependencies into new nations within unstable Union.

But in 2015 with final blow that EU and UN have deal with Irish government that UN and other nation need step in to give North Ireland back into Ireland. Cause two months in war of Reliberation for remains of Ireland by UN approval. Cause official end of United Kingdom into just the Kingdom of England. America (specially Barack Obama and later Donald Trump) have increasingly favors England joining the United States with "very good reasons" (There no secret that they need closer to Russia with using England as their biggest plan to keep themselves as Superpower for rest of century) and remaining Crown dependencies like Manx/Isles of Man and Jersey into Associate states for American government. Since 2017 England has quickly developed both Annexation and Nationalist political movements and also official plans Annexation Referendum is in works for 2019-2020 targeted year that referendum will begin.

Post-Black Death - What if not just Europea as Massively wipe out but also cost near damaged to Islamic world (the Middle East and North Africa) and major effects come after.

Planet of the Furries - In 2007 after this virtual war between furries and anti-furries one furry has taken the war into real world with one "Furry lifestyler" as becoming lone-wolf bioterrorist to take vengeance on anti-furries with creating a DNA splicing virus with mostly Nanotechnology and genetic editing so they how to feel like being literal furry.

After virtual war ended and both sides cut themselves part on the internet, that terrorist wannabe hires few more scientists and bioengineers on making it function without Feds capturing them.

Year later the virus has completed and started to infected the original trolls and some anti-furries through doxing. The virus has to begin infect four persons with little into mildly effect of biological or physical changes.

"My Random AH Stories" - Less serious and short alternate timelines

First 'real' Witch of Real Earth - Where take place in early 1870s (where American Civil War was delayed due of Confederates raid and re-control south points of Florida and Newly formed civil unrest in NYC by Marxists/Anarcho-communists revolutionaries and occupied for next three years/1868) and its one of United States territories (Nevada) Professor founded Crispr-9 (very back then treated as "friendly virus") gene editing accidentally when studying on biology and effects by viruses, And sent this one experimenting of birds with some slight altered the appearance nearly and instead take it into government on using private experiments.

Professor instead meet mayor in nearest town and presented on his modified birds with mixed results with semi-prove to make experiments until getting state approval to probably mutated the wildlife animals into "super bio-engineered animal warriors" against Native Americans for 'named of America' and nation's rivals put as long its not infecting on American colonists as possible. And over some years Nevada become first state legalized bio-engineering to public used for all human regardless ethical/mortal consequences and making some metal technology semi-less irrelevant.

While in 1885 a non-scientific human with impossible superpowers from otherly world means (which its bio-healing and "air controlling" later in his life) seeing to future and was born in Washington state where no one don't treated too seriously as some its residents going to Nevada to get better retreatments for their medical problems.

Its cause "Witch" begin exploring more to it powers on find way there as means destroying them make 'Supernatural' means to do more better for humanity.

British Collapse - Since WW1 have several damaged UK or BE (British Empire) from Central Powers (German Empire (later as German Commune since several day after WW1 end until 1941 that flipped into German Republic), Chinese Empire (until 1916 due of its own political-social collapse cause China itself permanently collapse no into anarchists "tribes" or pseudo-kingdoms ever since until 1948 of Communism spreading from the Soviet Union being military forces to re-civilized it from start, In 1956 that they created their Communist political-trade union and later mostly transform into the People Republic of Neo-China in 1982), Austria-Hungary and Ottoman Empire) with whole Irish states unofficially seceded from United Kingdom until UK forced accepted by League of Nations (form in 1918) in 1932 since Scottish nationalism was expected rise a demanding referendum put cause mostly successfully (57% - 43%) put ignored.

Sikh Empirical (Sikh Empire's) the Sucessful - What if they almost successfully attempted to invaded few kingdoms during/after fall of Mughal Empire with some geographical areas semi-converted to Sikhism, In 1750s that nation now slowly discovering concept of Colonization from Portuguese Empire, So they send 5,000 colonists in some East Africa land with few of native almost converted/influenced by Sikh theology/principles for next few decades, In 1700s that British Empire make "the East Indian Company" to improved the Asian control British Empire as Sikh are expanded new land with now several native more to Sikh Faith and Customs. For next seventy years Sikh Empire successfully take over Half of Indian subcontinent and mostly areas of East Africa and some parts of Central Africa until first Great War, The Sikh Empire is remain neutral until Allies in Late 1900s to Mid 1910s when British Empire was Allies until Monarchy Coup by Killing King Edward VII with George V that Want take some parts of India in Indian Campaign (1908-1916) and Switch/Betrayed to Central Powers. Great War won majority by Allies until British Empire only kept only one or two colonies in South-Eastern part of Africa and two counties from Gujarat as semi-officially part of British Empire put remains fully officially owns from Sikh Government. In 1920s the Great Depression happens that British Empire is several both Economy and Politically, Union of Fascist got 5 PMs from House of Lords in 1928 election to 12 PMs in 1934 election. While Sikh Empire mostly trying to be immune from Depression with all money to be halted in Production and announced that few remaining "Depression truthers" must strongly converted into Sikh faith and push to lose all money until Crisis over.

Three Chinas - Since end of Chinese Communism of 1981 that Chinese Revolution is mostly successful and US aid revolutionaries weapons, tanks and etc., China almost created an other Second Civil War that Taiwan and Buddhist China control Small area of South East and Shanghai as new Capital for Republic of China and Tibet finally re-seceded and later becomes rebel group control mostly West China and as well mostly Islamic region with Ethnic group Uighurs were almost successfully forcely converted into Tibetan Buddhism on Northwest as Tibet become Puppet state and Holy Dharma Republic of China become 7th world great power with share support Tibetan independence as nation.

420 AD - TBA

Aztec Empire of East - Its about Aztec Empire unintended contacted by Alien (Who are mistake as their twelve to twenty gods) to give them boating skills and organic weapon technology to make them nearly advanced in Biotechnology and 1650's style Sailing breakthroughs. For few years they become biologically engineered immune of diseases like smallpox and black plague. In ten years they invaded an nation of North (Maya) and annexed under Biotech army and infected them of their immunity. In two years they send some colonists to Africa to converted the tribes as their new Empire-like colony as they send some missionaries with them.

They "invaded" with missionaries their first victim in 1451 of Sultan somewhere of West African Sultate to make him insane and develops psychological disorder as he self-converted the Aztec faith to worship forty-six gods as his hope and ditch Allah as he abuse his family to converted to his new founded faith with 60% succeed with Wife and all his sons converted. And he attempted converted his Imam and other members of Sultate to his religion with his military general and several of servants of the faith and enforced his imams to it. With some them found it. They make protest against the new converted Aztec leader of former Sultanate into Aztec Kingdom.

2008-2009 Marburg Outbreak of California - An Marburg virus is an closely similar to Ebola but have some different symptoms, However Marburg Virus come infected American tourist from South Africa by airport and unintended spread mildly north eastern LA city with 5 to 11 people are starting infected from Marburg Virus in 3 to 5 days after the first Victim set foot of LA city and later local news now call that Marburg Virus is discovered that first victim is infected and quarantine most of the LA hospital put it almost too late as few dogs who now getting infected from couple infected cats are nearly spread more least than seven to 14 more people at LA city are infected and LA is getting to blocked the city from rested of the Nation, As few people are now leading to final stage of virus and slowly are dying, In four days later nine more people are infected, An later as several more dogs are getting more infected the Marburg and one dogs with Marburg finally got capture as the captured got infected from Local pet pound, And more is to come as first Celebrity (Adam Sandler) ever get accidentally infected from Marburg as now four more cats got infected, He get hospitalized and the virus eventually infected couple of his staff of Happy Madison Co. and sadly his daughter got infected from his father infection for kiss her before is he feel very cold and discovered he got infected, His daughter eventually dies from virus and several more die from it and twenty-six more are infected later.

WW2 (1938 - (De facto) 1948; (De jure) 1956) or Chad's WW2 - The Six Fascist Nations (Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, Vichy France, Thunder British Republic, Imperial Japan and National Social Conservative America (Often named "Fascist States of America") are nearly put small chance of won put mostly loss to allies (USSR, New Ireland formerly named New England, Texas, Communist China and Some once former Commonwealths of United Kingdom like Canada, Australia and New Zealand during to late WW2), After the war end some nation regaining their independence along New Ireland and Texas in North America due (mostly in New Ireland and sometimes in Texas) of their former American and English cultural history did on Irish, Welsh, Scottish and some French or other ethic-cultural people during WW2 Fascist America and British Republic so they only abandon fews ideas though New English constitution changes of 1956 by converted some of the nation culture, language and political system. and Texan constitution changes of 1958 by only Language (English to Texan German and Spanish since 1959).

New Human Age - Its an event that happen in 1641 AD that few secular humans found and created the transhuman movement for making themselves and others smartest humans, While their Hellenic nation West Francia since 899 AD an only nation revived european paganism of ancient Greeks, few French's transhuman movement are mostly planned on Biotechnological enhancement for now revived Pagan Nation intelligence 100% and the movement get almost success by 15,656 to 56,753 members citizens joins due of the christians nations failed to control few outbreaks, dumb religious wars, low tech, military failures and hundred people from their nation famine, In 1735 AD the early transhuman project is started by proved from King Louis XIII since he found interested so to defeated their neighboring nations and to win the Second Colony wars.

2012: Adventure of Mr.Flander - Is a low fantasy Nuclear Alternative History story set early 2010s.

The CARRIER from Durham - If almost United States (East Southern region, Oregon, west Idaho) and attempt's Wales later al-most west Germany are infected with "Gray flu" of 2003 - ???, that because before 2005 as zombie-like freaks and after 2005 still zombie-like freaks with bit mutants...

TF2 doomsday - It a alternative universe of Mann co. and Gray gravel co. is last few organizations survive from nuclear war and than global warming that kill nearly-all human and life in earth which actually merasmus who cause mostly this expect global warming... (NOTE This forced cancelled by Lordganon)

New civil war - A civil war or "revolution" broke out in Nov. 23 2012 that caused by Christian Communists and Buddhist Fantastic and minor rebels groups control almost america... (TBA )

Second Californian Revolution (Formerly as 1992-1996 Californian Uprisings or Second Californian Revolution) - Its what if California secede by 80% to 85% of independence by several famous people in California being killed or injured by police without explains due of their corruption... 

Gone Rogue from Motherland - After United States government buys off Russian land for Fur, 70,000 Russian settlers are opposed going back to Homeland, Cause most them successfully stays with 10,600 (thus accepting becoming American settlers staying while other go further aways from now purchase land into would become Canadian territory later. While their between 42,000 citized create unrecognized state name Novaya Severnaya Amerika (New North America or sometimes New Russia America) and invaded and converted several Native American tribes (mostly Inuit) into Orthodoxy until they had stop when they enforced war with British Empire/Canada for few years until ended with forced Annexed and become Canadian settlers until very ended of 20th century.  

Ever since annexation, several of thousands Russian exiles and detractors begin immigrated into Canada and become third yet important minority ethnic since 1920s, thus Canadian government had forced make Russian as officially de-facto language since 1947 and remain since. 

Their staying in Canada have cause their religion and somewhat separated into two (later four) branches as Canadian-Russian Orthodox Church, Canadian Orthodox Church (which used three languages as official church's liturgy), Aboriginal-First Nations Orthodox church and recently Quebec Orthodox Church with their language's as church's liturgy. While in Alaska have two Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia and Alaskan Orthodox church (which it's only Church is more inspired both American/'Western' and Byzantine rites than Russian rite due Founder is Orthodox believing American Revern (with later recognized by Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople as Autonomous church since 1966) thus becoming truly first Western Orthodox branch ever to be classified while Canadian Orthodox Church technically classified as Western Orthodoxy is up to debate). 

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