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Hi everybody. I'm CheesyCheese.

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My Timelines

Invasion Iran (on hold)

The US invades Iran after 9/11.

Early Colonization (on hold)

Lots of colonies appear in the Americas before Columbus comes, result in a different Americas.

Canadian Independence

Canada becomes independent during the American Revolution, which leads to a new world order in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Was a featured alternate history candidate!

America Divided (on hold)

A nuclear war in the 1980s transforms America into a dictatorship.

Quebec Independence

Like Canadian Independence, but better.


1983: Doomsday

Sami flag.svgSapmi Republic (Canon)

Survivor state in the Kola Peninsula.

Chad-Libya War (Stub)

Civil war between Chad and GUNT during Doomsday which is currently ongoing.

Live History

The Occupation (put on hold)

After devastating famines and civil wars, the US, UN, and Israel begin to occupy nations to ensure their safety.


For my time on this wiki there have been some memorable quotes.

Franco's Spain, Nazi Poland, Stalin's Hungary, who's the next Osama Bin Laden Italy? or Taliban Muscovy?" - VENEZUELA

This nation that has stood more than two hundred years, that has seen a worldwide depression, the birth of modern science, won two world wars, a cold war, and several others, this nation which has long endured through tensions nuclear, political, racial, and infrastructural has burned for more than two centuries, will continue to burn for another two centuries, and another two after that!

We have fought the largest and most populous country, endured the death of five presidents, killed not one but two tyrannical dictators, freed the world from the grasp of fascism, communism, and evil time and again, we have been part of at least two empires, and we are building ourselves a third.

We stand here today, in the midst of two wars, another massive depresion, facing tyranny, at its height, facing the most populous naion, at the brink of a world-wide nuclear attack from all corners of the Earth; Nothing that has not happened before! We will endure, for the next ten years, the next hundred years, the next thousand years! We shall unite the world, and we will end poverty, and close the gap between rich and poor, the gap between black and white, the gap between Heaven and Earth!

The United States shall prevail, and bring everlasting peace and victory acrosse the world, across the System, across the very Universe if we must! We will do it in an honest and gentlemanly way, for that is the American way! We will One day be a nation of infinite bad@$$ery and fruition! Thank you, and good morning.

Note, some of the above events may have been exagerated, and I meant nothing offensive in the above. - Jazon Naparleon

Favorite Timelines

French Trafalgar, British Waterloo

Napoleon's World

A Red Century