Carlos Eugenio Thompson Pinzón
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Carlos Thompson, wife and kid


November 29, 1972

Bogotá, Colombia

Profession: Electronics Engineer
Languages: Spanish, English, Swedish

Alternate history, Constructed languages, Vexillology, Telecommunications, Data networks

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Carlos Eugenio Thompson Pinzón, aka Chlewey, is a Colombian electronics engineer, interested in mathematics, alternate history, flags, conlangs and several other intelectual hobbies.

Also active in the Conlang Wikicity, and Ill Bethisad wiki


The following are timelines started by me.

British Louisiana
Britain ends up with Louisiana after the seven years war.
Greater Colombia
Great Colombia survived and becomes even greater.
President Gaitan
Gaitán is not assassinated in 1948, becoming president in 1950, and not convincing Castro into an armed opposition.
Cabotia and Brasil
Colon misses the opportunity to discover America for the European mainstream. Cabot for England and Cabral for Portugal share the honor.
Some hominids came to the Americas before Homo sapiens, which incidentally preserved some megafauna.
Chinese World
The Mongols don't finish conquering a divided China, OTOH, they reach the Atlantic, leaving the Chinese to discover the unknown world.
Failed Continental Congress
Enough to grant independence, the Continental Congress was unable to grant a united nation.
Cold Phoney War
After failing to conquer the whole Norway, Hitler realizes the near imposibility of invading Britain, which leads to a Cold War between the United Kingdom and the Third Reich.
Abya Yala
Trade in the Caribbean increases between 200 BC and 600 AD to a point in which is similar to the Mediterranean on that time, and favouring the development of merchant cities and rival empires.
In 600 AD, the Americans discover Africa, and by 700 AD they had circumnavigated the world (but skipped Europe by chance). When the Vikings discover and raid Vinland ca 1000 AD, active trade is soon followed.
Broken Ice
The Soviet Union has a quicker rearmament after the Winter War and are ready to attack the Axis before Barbarossa.
Andalusian Empire
Al-Andalus survives the Reconquista and is a front runner in the age of discoveries.