• I live in Ireland
  • I was born on February 13
  • My occupation is Althist
  • I am Male


Flag of Ireland
Nationality Irish
Age 15
Religion Roman Catholic Church
Politicial Views
  • Social Democrat
  • Nationalist
  • Populist
  • Economic liberalism
  • Socially conservative
  • Progressiveness
  • Irish republicanism
  • Anti monarchist
Political parties
  • English (native)
  • Irish (intermediate)
  • German (basic)
Main Interests
  • Gaelic football
  • Politics
  • History
  • Social Geography
  • Economic Geography
  • Religion
  • Aviation
  • WWII
Edit Milestones DD/MM/YY 400 - 29/10/16

500 - My Aim

Hello everyone! My name is CnocBride and I am a 14 year old male farmer from the Island of you guessed it Ireland! The island which seems to be where nearly ever american originated from weirdly. Most likely the Great Famine was the cause of that!

Anyway like I said my name is CnocBride and I love writing Alternate history. I used to write it on documents on my desktop and I would lose it often. One day I discovered this wiki and thought it was the best thing ever as it gave me a home to save and protect my treasures that are my Alternate histories.

Well i'm from the Republic of Ireland and live on the border. I'm not some crazed drunken IRA soldier like many think though I do believe that Ireland is for the Irish people and a 32 county republic would be a lovely thing. Though I really do not believe in the fighting of the Provisional IRA. Anyone from all that nonsense I am from what I know 100% Irish. I do not know for sure what ancestry I got only I know much of me is of Irish descent. Many relatives of mine have moved to America and some are surprising. I have relatives who fought in both World Wars for the Americans and some even in the Korean war. Finally my family are hugely political. Not powerful just into politics. My grand uncle was a senior member of the Fianna Fail party for 70 years and served under a number of leaders and Taoisigh. I also have a cousin as a current TD :Niamh Smyth.

I am fluent in English as my native language. I am fairly advanced at Irish and I have basic knowledge in German. My interests include: Gaelic football, hurling, religion, politics, geography, history, reading, aviation and countless other things.

I hope you learned a bit more about me. If you would like to talk to me a bit more please feel free to leave a message on my talk page and I will be happy to reply!

I am not as active on Althistory as I was because of the fact I have largely moved from Althistory to Conworlds.


Main Projects

These projects are what I work on fulltime. The flagship project is the main project.

  • World of War - (Flagship) - This is a timeline I largely want to work on as I intend it to become my own


  • Ireland Fights - I have largely lost interest in my Irish concentrade timelines and I have halted them and are only keeping them for sentimental purposes or experimenting with them if I get bored. I am now concentrating on my global timeline called World of War.
  • Viva Le Eire - As stated above


  • Reine Suprema Español (Defunct) - I adopted this article as just a way to pass some time. I only created the main story line which is mediocre and a bit ASB at times and I have largely neglected it as a sentimental piece in my time here.

In development/ideas

You can visit my sketches page for quick short stories on small Alternate histories.

  • No Luther - This timeline is one of my proposed one. The most important POD is that Martin Luther is never born so his ideas of reformation never spread. I want to explore a world dominated by Catholicism and Protestantism never comes into existence. This allows the Catholic church to dominate German affairs and maybe rule the world more then it does now.

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