Hey, guys. I'm CookieDamage, and I usually go by 'CookieDamage', or mostly just 'Cookie'. I found the name while I was playing an expansion pack for the Sims 3 around 4 years back. There was an option to create a band for my sims, so I decided to do that. It gave me a bunch of randomized names for my band, and Cookie Damage was the first to show up.

I joined AltHist on July 23, 2011, and was briefly active for those few months. However, I only became more active when I began playing Principia Moderni II, starting on March 11, 2013.

30 March 2020 Edit for Discord

Map Games 

I'm currently involved in these map games:

  1. Principia Moderni III

I used to be involved in these map games, but am no longer due to resignation or the end of said map game:

  1. Principia Moderni II
  2. Coronae et Cruces
  3. Night of the Living Alternate History: Map Game

And from the Map Game Wiki:

  1. Civilizations: The Dawn


I'm currently involved with the following timelines:

  1. Anglia the Great

Suspended timelines include:

  1. Queendom of Britain
  2. Long Live Charlemagne!
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