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  • All the Way with JFK - What if Kennedy survived?
  • The Other Romanov - What if Gorbachev never became Soviet leader?

Loose ideas awaiting construction

  • Viva Mexico - What if Maximilian of Mexico had retained power?
  • A Titanic Life - The Titanic misses the iceberg. Which is fine, except that one of the passengers, a pregnant woman, survives to give birth to the greatest tyrant the world has ever seen.
  • Uber Alles - What if Hitler's Beer Hall Putsch had succeeded?
  • The Battle for Australia - What if the Japanese had attacked Australia more openly during World War II?

As you can see, I favour political counterfactuals, and am particularly fond of Australia-based scenarios, what with being an Aussie and all. I have also assisted with:

And put my 2 cents in everywhere I'm welcome and most places I'm not.