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Working on and off on my Timeline, entitled "The Co-Presidency." I may or may not also post some blog posts on the progression and expansion of it.

For my sake, here's the portal page.

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United States presidential election, 1884
November 4, 1884
800px-111-SC-44851 - NARA - 55248464-cropped Grover Cleveland - NARA - 518139 tif 154px-JamesGBlaine
Nominee George Columbus Grover Cleveland James G. Blaine
Party Communist Democratic Republican
Home state North Carolina New York Maine
Running mate Scrumbo Flankton Thomas A. Hendricks John A. Logan
Electoral vote 220 124 57
States carried 22 10 6
Popular vote 175,396,717 5,396,717 976,,444
Percentage 61.3% 24.6% 13.4%
1992 election
President before election
Chester A. Arthur
Elected President
George Columbus
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