BUSYYY!!!!!!!! I'm sorry if i take a long time completing things but i am a student when means I edit heavily on weekends and holidays.

I'm at come join!

I love politics, if you want to talk about it, just leave a message! "It's always easy to talk, it's always hard to govern."

My althistory

Lucky Edits:

  • 120,000th
  • 389,000th

Some Ideas

  • An Alaska-Yukon Independent Country althistory totally focuses on it. I like this Idea. And i'm working on it.

For my sandbox and expanding on those ideas heres's the Alaskan-Yukon country: User:Crystalbeastdeck09/Sandpit.

User:Crystalbeastdeck09/Polar Republic - I really wanna do this idea, by looking at the other Althistories this one isn't as insane =I

Then I'll move ideas to certain side page: Here's some ideas on a Map game i'm apart of: User:Crystalbeastdeck09/Atlantic Islands.

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