This is my sandbox. Here I will set out any idea's I have. Particulay focused on Of Clockwork and men.

On OTL Japanese military airships:

Union of Socialist France
Timeline: Of Clockwork and Men
OTL equivalent: France, Algeria, Tunisia, parts of Libya, Senegal, Togo, Niger, Mali and others
Do you hear the people sing?
Languages: French (official) Arabic, Fula, Songhay, Hausa, Mossi, Mandinka, Wolof, Bambara Berber languages, Mande languages widely spoken
Demonym French
Currency French Franc

Italy might try to hold onto the parts it wants

  but it would meet resistance 
  now in OTL we first had the state of slovenes croats and serbs 
  without serbia or montenegro 
  now this state 
  controlls a reasonable amount of coal resources 
  as well as copper 
  that's just some extra info 
  now instead of the OTL 
  it could fight for its independence and a democratic state would be born 
  and without the rest of OTL Yugoslavia 
  and a presence of a relatively stronger democratic nation 
  pro-democracy revolts could start in Serbia AND Montenegro 
  and Serbia still controlled Macedonia then aswell 
  which could lead to Macedonia joining the State of SCS 
  And that's all of my ideas for now 
  the state of scs could later rename itself the Federation of South Slavic Republics
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