Timelines in Progress


If anyone wants to make a timeline with these ideas go ahead, just leave me a note so I don't make the same history. I probably won't get around to making these timelines anyway. If I do make a timeline on one of these, I'll take it off.

  • Currents in North Atlantic are reversed so North America is much warmer, Europe is much colder and north Africa is grassland instead of desert so it can support a population. This happens during the last ice age.
  • The Sinai link, which connects Africa to Asia, is broken just before modern humans appear. Humans are confined to Africa for millions of years.
  • Oil is never discovered.
  • A Soviet scientist perfects nuclear fusion in the late 60's.
  • Alexander the Great does not continue east with his conquests. After defeating Persia he sets about consolidating his empire and strengthening both its borders and how it will be run, so the empire does not collapse on his death.
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