Name Robert
Ancestry Flag of Peru Peru
Flag of Macau Guangdong Area, China
Language English
中文 (not fluent)
Religion Roman Catholic
Politics Anarcho-capitalist, Pro-self-determination, Fujimorista, Peru is cool
Jobs TSPTF Constable
WCRB Director of South Chinese Exploration (南華探索主)
Moderator-in-Chief of Principia Moderni

Stirling Award for Best New Contributor
Miscellaneous Picture Repository
Inactive until further notice.

Hi, I'm basically someone who's interested in history/geography. Kind of busy with school but I am still trying to keep up with my duties on Principia Moderni while developing my timeline Vicuña of the East, which is actually unfolding quite interestingly.

I exist on Spanish althist and I'm planning to translate some of my writing to there. I can also be found on Conlang Wiki (I had a featured language known as Quai'op) and Conworld Wiki, where my main projects are Lxungion and Yarphei.


  • Vicuna of the East Vicuña of the East (original, sporadic offline and online work): Spanish expeditions to Peru fail, leading the area to be proclaimed forbidden, and the Incan Empire surviving.
  • Tripartite Cold War (original, on hold): Riots in Malaysia grow to affect the world order through forming a new superpower: Viet-Malaysia.
  • Principia Moderni Map Game (with Cosman246, adopted, currently in progress and still accepting members): exploration-based and polycentric modernization game

1983: Doomsday

Note: Complete does not necessarily mean work is stopped. Articles will continue being updated when possible.


Vicuña of the East

  • Need to revamp most of the imperialism and make it more fitting to the intellectual climate of Europe.


  • 1000px Tavantinsuju Expansion (Vicuña of the East) expansion of the Incan Empire post-1527
  • Qurikantja Rear View (VOE) StirlingAward2012 Peruvian temple of Qorikancha survives to present-day intact. Winner of the 2012 Stirling Award for best photoshopped picture.
  • Patjakutiqpa Kuluni 1864 Inca colony on the coast of Africa, dedicated to the creator god Viracocha
  • Europe Map 1800 (VOE) alternate map of Europe, 1680 1750 1800 1850
  • Map of Peru 1800 map of Peru in 1800, showing major cities and division into suyus, or lands
  • Macau Full Map Macau's annexations after 1983: Doomsday
  • 1800 Trade Map (VOE) European and Incan colonization efforts around the world in 1675 1800
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