Alternative History

And with Perseus' severed head in her hand, she rewrote history...

Dos Dragones

My interests include history (obviously), linguistics, cartography and vexillology, the minutia of culture (things I believe often overlooked), women's history, and a myriad array of other historical and cultural topics.

My Histories

  • Terra Cognita - A surviving Western Roman realm, a Roman conlang, and an attempt to make a mostly de-colonised world, with most cultures surviving intact in an extensive and expansive setting.
  • Caesar's Skull - The death of Caesar in Gaul snowballs changes across Europe and diverts the history of the Roman Empire, ending the Western realm nearly one hundred years early.
  • An Oak in Biscay - A small-scale pet-project, this timeline imagines an independent Basque nation-state and Gaelic nation-state, nestled into our own world, with a few changes here or there for aesthetics or for fun.

Mothballed Histories

My inactive histories, on (indefinite) pause

  • An Injury to All - The United States erupts in revolution in the early 20th century while Europe stalemates the First World War, ending with a Revolutionary Germany, Monarchist France, and a different Global War as the outcome.
  • Peace of Vergennes - The Treaty of Paris (1783) ends the American Revolution with the implementation of French Foreign Minister Vergennes' proposal.
  • The Postdiluvian World - A fantastical setting, a counterfactual that is much further removed from our reality, where a large island rests in the middle of the Atlantic and butterflies abound.


  • Valish - A Germanic influenced Romance conlang via a speculative Romanised Suebic people following a divergence wherein Marcus Aurelius' absorption of Marcomannia is successful.

Map Games, Political Games, and Collaborative Timelines

Favorite Timelines

  • The Kalmar Union - this is the timeline that brought me to the Althistory wiki to begin with

My Maps, Graphics, etc