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Hello! I'm an artist!
Name Doctor261
Also known as

ErnieTheMighty, Laughe

Profession, Hobbies

Freelance Artist

Founder of Greater Europe map game - winner of the 2012 Stirling Award of 2011 Best Map Game
Contributing to wikias since 2010, August
Real Life name Ernest
Age 19
Favourite Movies

Where The Wild Things Are, Hugo, Son of Rambow, The Road, The Tree of Life, Billy Elliot, The Chumscrubber, Up In The Air, Jobs, God Bless America, The Odd Life of Timothy Green, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, Identity, Gran Torino, Chronicle, Death Note movies, Stand By Me, The Big Lebowski, Mars Needs Moms, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Hunger Games, Gonger series, Winter's Bone, Goodfellas, The Wolverine, The Avengers(definitely), Inception(lol), The Garden of Words, The Shining(>D), Ace Attorney[2012] and 100x more.

Favourite Anime Bleach, One Piece, Durarara!!, Tegami Bachi, Sword Art Online, Blue Exorcist, Gantz. (not watching anime anymore)
Favourite Actors Emma Watson, Asa Butterfield, Will Poulter, Bill Milner, Michael Caine.
Favourite Video Games M&B, M&B: Warband, M&B: Warband - Napoleonic Wars, M&B: With Fire and Sword, Victoria 2 : A House Divided, ArmA2: Combined Operations(with ACE mod), Team Fortress 2(rarely), Hearts of Iron 3(all DLCs), Hearts of Iron 2, Europa Universalis III, Crusader Kings 2, SimCity, Democracy 3, Fallout series and 500 other games(no time for games)
Favourite Table-Top RPGs Pathfinder(D&D 3.5 Remake), d20 Modern[d20 Apocalypse, d20 Past], BESM
Art Requests Closed
Commissions Open

The map games I play(-ed) in:

  1. Fractured America - Iberian Empire
  2. Principia Moderni - Yemen Australia
  3. Peaceful Democracy - New Lorencia Game closed
  4. Radioactive Tide - Nanjing Commonwealth Not interested
  5. Axis vs Allies Revised - Yemen Soviet Union Suicided
  6. Five country war, no nukes - Poland-Lithuania Resigned
  7. Greater Europe - Fascist Italy Italian Empire Italy Finished
  8. Kingdom of Dwan - A 5-men camp. Closed the game.
  9. Medieval Plague - England
  10. Hot Cold War Revised - East Germany & Soviet Union Not enough interest from the community.
  11. Battle for Earth Revised - Reapers Some noobish ASB mod said that my idea was ASB.
  12. No World War Two - Switzerland When implausibility starts at the first turn - do not expect much from the map game.
  13. Greater Europe Revised and Reloaded - Lithuania
  14. Spread of Communism - Ireland Just another implausible stuff...
  15. Triple Entente vs. Central Powers - Afghanistan ASB heaven
  16. Battle for Earth Reloaded - Ryanid F'Er-Mat Can't play because of some annoying rules.
  17. Tribal Sunset - Incan Empire Defunct
  18. Unknown Landmass - Founder/Moderator
  19. Napoleonic Europe Reloaded - Ottoman Empire Not caring mods.
  20. The Seven Years War! (Map Game) - O.Empire
  21. Principia Moderni II - Hungary, Kingdom of
  22. Axis vs Allies: Reawakened (Map Game) - Spain
  23. Greater Europe II - Italy

Favourite History Topics

  • Roman Empire
  • XI-XV centuries
  • Japan
  • 1918-1945

My Timelines

  1. Soviet West --- Open for adoption
  2. Wasteland
  3. No Unification

My map games

  1. Peaceful Democracy
  2. Kingdom of Dwan (Link deleted)
  3. Greater Europe (winner of Stirling Awards of 2011 Map Game)
  4. Medieval Plague (Link deleted)
  5. Unknown Landmass (Link deleted)

My 1983: Doomsday stuff

  1. Martinsson Crime Family -- Proposal, OFA
  2. Bjorkman Crime Family -- Proposal, OFA
  3. Papua New Guinea -- Adopted from ShutUpNavi

My sandboxes

Tumblr mvdson2iug1smsspfo4 250-1-.gif
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