Emperor of Trebizond
Nationality: Flag of South Africa 1928-1994.svg Golden Country
Nom de Plume: Pretorius, H.A.
Occupation: Dust collector
Religion: Christian
Politics: Avowed meritocrat

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History of Trebizond

The Empire of Trebizond, founded in April 1204, was one of three successor states of the Byzantine Empire. The creation of this polity was not directly related to Constantinople's rape during the Fourth Crusade; rather it had cast off its allegiance to Byzantium a few weeks prior to pursue its own miniature nation-state. Geographically, the "empire" never included more than the southeastern coast of the Black Sea. Its demographic legacy would endure for many centuries after Turkish conquest in 1451, and many Greeks remained there until the early 20th century - when they were unjustly banished shortly after attempting to reassert independence.

Trebizond's history was marred by its complicated relationship with the Byzantines, Ottoman incursions, and petty quarrels with Genoa over trade rights. She survived largely through powerful alliances with Georgia, Armenia, Timurlane, and the Emir of Sinope. Her final ruler, David Megas Komnenos, abused these relationships, eventually provoking Sultan Mehmed II to war in 1461. On 15 August, David capitulated, his kingdom was subsumed, and his little army of under 4,000 disbanded. Trebizond (now Trabzon) was annexed to Turkey, and aside from a brief interlude under Russian occupation during World War I, has remained so since. In 1920 some of the Greeks resorted to guerrilla warfare to oust the Turks and were subject to increasing repression. Most were expelled from their homeland in 1922.



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