Announcement on September 28, 2015: Following waiting for almost half year, Eric4e once again returns to start editing Imperial Machines articles. This time, all pages with titles ends at IM1 are renamed to Imperial Machines again for second time, and Imperial Machines returns to normal for second era, even finally! But there's a lot of page that needed to be renamed, totally over 60 pages, and is still hard to rename all in hours. Every hour, I rename 6 articles in titles ending with from IM1 to Imperial Machines. And thus, there's no longer IM1, IM2, IM3 and IM4 timeline subdivisions anymore, Imperial Machines is no longer the alternate history series, even an one alternate history timeline. During my work with IM pages, only well-written best althistory expert users can freely help improving these articles to be made longer with more words. Renaming starts in one hour. Have a nice hour!

It's has been 2 hours and 30 minutes since I edited this page. Now, renaming and rewriting of all IM1 pages is on!

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