Hello. My name is Erizium, for now. And I'm just a random Althist user  ==Map Games==

Axis vs Allies Resurrection- Played as Romania (Defunct)

Principia Modernii III- Played one turn as Tondo, had entire turn retconned, then played as Ayutthaya. (Quit because of my lack of knowledge of the era)

Treaty of Amiens - Currently playing as the United States of America, with her colonies of Liberia and New America (Missouri Territory)

Timelines I'm involved in

Spanish Civil War BeforeSeville

Just some randomness

No to Nazism - Collaborative with Supergamer 1

...and...thats it

Economy of South America (1983: Doomsday)

Byzantine Empire

In the Palm of His Hands

Pearl-of-the Orient Seas 1910

Pic for a future timeline

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