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Greetings! I am False Dmitri, an administrator on this wiki. Sit down and have a chat, or enjoy some Old Stories.

Aliases A lot of people call me Ben, which approximates my real name and former username. I'll also answer to Dmitri or FD. I use versions of that name on Discord, Reddit and elsewhere.
Rank and title
Tetradimensional Plenipotentiary of the TSPTF.
Formerly Baron of the Lieutenancy
Status Active. Not on Discord as much as I used to be.
Languages Hablo español, und ich spreche ein bisschen deutsch. Disco linguam latinam sed non bene loquor.
Elsewhere on the Internet I'm a member of Ill Bethisad, the project that helped spawn this wiki. I also participate in and am helping clean up the Latin AH Wiki. Some of my projects, especially the Parra language and a country called the ASB, can be found at my personal site,
Home Illinois
OTL positions I'm a practicing Lutheran. On the Political Compass I'm near the middle of the Green Square. Philosophically I think I'm a skeptic in the Ciceronian sense; I acknowledge the merits of many different viewpoints. Let's all keep learning about the different sides of that elephant.
Likes History, languages, flags, cultures, philosophy, travel, liberty, equality, fraternity
Dislikes People who say "coronated" instead of "crowned"
Very Prestigious Distinctions StirlingAward2021.png TSPTF; StirlingAward.png map; StarFallout.png map; MP Featured article.png Pacific bureau chief;
Ben has been honored for his efforts to fight redundancy by the Anti-Redundancy Department of Anti-Redundancy with the Prestigious Award of Prestige for his efforts to fight redundancy everywhere.

My contributions

If I'm ever gone again for, let's say, three months, all of my contributions can be considered Open for Adoption, except for Ethelred. Please don't touch Ethelred. But have at it with everything else. No need to even ask. That includes anything on my Ideas page and the 1983DD pages - just be sure to announce your adoption and submit new ideas as Proposals in the proper fashion at Talk:1983.

Also note that the ASB-PIC content here is a tiny part of a much larger project that mostly unfolds on, so you should to try to contact me or post to the thread if you add anything to it, just for the sake of keeping it all coordinated. Note that it is already a cooperative timeline and you can add things without my explicit permission, as long as you discuss it with somebody.

1983: Doomsday

Most of these are tiny islands, make of that what you will.

Oceania Oceanic OrganisationHawaiiOgasawaraBelauSamoaMicronesiaMaldives, Niue, Tuvalu (with GOPZACK) • Cocos IslandsAPA (with a lot of people)
Latin America Costa RicaNicoyaPanamaDariénPanama Canal ZoneEast PanamaWest PanamaPanamanian FederationCARICOM (map) • Argentina and Uruguay (review with Katholico) • St. Kitts (with Rex and Andy)
North America YukonAlaska (review, map) • Flag of the North American Union.svg.png NAU (flag) • Cimarron (with CheesyCheese) • State of MinnesotaKeene (with Zackshine) • PeleeVerdigris (with Bfoxius and Scarlet Outlaw) • Illinois (with Mitro) • DD by state (helped with some)
Europe-Med Luxembourg (with ShutUpNavi) • Åland (with Realismadder) • Seborga (with Mal3ssio97)
Belarus Flag with COA.png Belarus (flag) • Greece, Egypt, Kemet, Cyrenaica, Tripolitania (reviews and rewrites)
Africa and the Atlantic Tristan da CunhaAmbôBiokoSão Tomé and PríncipeDominion of S. Africa, South West Africa, Namibia, Rep. Cape (reviews and rewrites) • Good Hope
Other History of ideasNuclear powerCurrent MonarchsGeopolitics (with a lot of people) • Andrew WindsorWilliam V

Other group projects

  • Iceland in "Hitler is an American" storyline
  • Punjab and Xhosa in the no-holds-barred world of Puget Sound-1

Map games

I've shared my thoughts on map games. Nevertheless, I've been involved on the fringes. I help maintain the Map Games portal page. I once signed up for Atlantic Islands but never participated. More recently I joined SNO as the uncontacted Sentinelese in a joke that got out of hand.

Meta and adminny contributions

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