aka Fed

  • I live in La República Independiente de Antioquia
  • I was born on October 19
  • My occupation is Student (Should be studying right now...)
  • I am Male
Name Fed
TSPTF Ranking: Lieutenant
Nationality: Flag of Colombia Colombian
Ancestry: Flag of Spain Spanish (Flag of Castile and León Castillian [Toledoan], Flag of Israel Ladino [Judeo-Spanish], Flag of the Land of Valencia (official) Valencian, Flag of Navarre Navarran-Basque),

Flag of Germany German (Flag of Saxony Saxon)
Residence: Medellín, Colombia
Occupation: Student
Political views:

Social Democracy

Latino federalism

Antioquian regionalism

European federalism


Political party:

None (Colombia)

Labour Party (UK)

SPD (Germany)

History interests: Early Modern Ages
Middle Ages
  • Reading
  • Althist
  • Video Games
    • Europa Universalis
  • Intrawebz
Television Shows: Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory
Books: Patrick Rothfuss' Kingkiller Chronicle, George R.R Martin's Song of Ice and Fire, Isaac Asimov's Foundation
Russian Dynasty: Godunov, also Romanov to a lesser degree. Mind you, I also like the Rurikids. Meh...
SPA This user speaks Antioquian/Paisa Spanish at a native level
ENG-4 This user speaks a good level of English
Other Due to knowledge of Spanish, this user can communicate with speakers of Galician, Aragonese, Asturian, Portuguese, Italian and other Romance languages at a basic level.


Hello! My user name is Fedelede. I live (and always had) in Antioquia, Colombia. Therefore, I speak Spanish as well as English fluently. I'm also probably one of the younguest people in this site. I generally try to use Mercator or Robinson, and shun those who use Gall-Peters.

Also, Sky is officially my lawyer.

Political Views

Fed's political views

Historic Politics

  • I support the Godunov dynasty in Russia; that Polish Dimitri must be a fake!
  • The Stuarts are by FAR the best dynasty in Great Britain, and I support James II.
  • I'm a staunch pro-Sassanid.
  • The Tang are the only legitimate government of China!

Religious Views

I'm agnostic.

My Pages:

My Own Timelines

Normal words mean created by me, Italic words mean adopted

Saint Muhammad

Proudly hovering around 60 mostly-stubs!

What if Muhammad had converted to Christianity?

Bolivar's Dream

Proudly holding 2 non-obsolete articles- and counting!

What if Bolívar had been able to unify all of Latin America?

Triunfa, España!

What if the Iberian Union of 1580-1640 had survived?

Du Gamla, Du Fria!

What if the Swedes had won the Great Northern War?

Other TLs

This TLs are not mine, but I have contributed openly in them (for example: I won't include a timeline in which I made a basic spelling check).

1983: Doomsday

Tales of humanity after a nuclear war lasting one day in 1983.

30px Federation of Georgia (With Astarpool)- Canon

Flag of AzerbaijanRepublic of Azerbaijan (with VENEZUELA)- Canon

Flag of South OssetiaRepublic of Ossetia and Alania (with VENEZUELA)-Canon

Flag of TuscanyTuscan Republic (with Arstarpool)-Canon

Screen shot 2010-08-16 at 11.01.17 Emirate of Bukhara - Canon

Flag of Buganda Kingdom of Buganda - Canon

83DD-SACFlag South American Confederation (with Arstarpool, Fero, Katholico and VENEZUELA) - Canon

Bandera de Khiva abans 1917 Khanate of Khiva - Canon

Kazakh Khanate Kazakh Khanate - Canon, stub

Flag of Kokand Khanate of Kokand - Canon

Flag of Ankole Kingdom of Ankole - Canon

Flag of Sri LankaSri Lanka - Canon

Flag of Kivu 83DD Republic of Kivu - Canon

Flag of Extremadura Estremeñu Kingdom - proposal

Estelada blava Kingdom of Aragon - proposal 

Flag of Colombia Colombia - Canon, adopted

Duchydorleans Orléans - Canon, adopted

Rpoitflag Poitou-Chárentes - Canon, adopted

Julian's Empire

Imagen 3 Roman Empire-Abandoned for now

Wasteland Europe

What if the Marshall Plan hadn't been enacted?

Flag of Padania Kingdom of Padania-Canon, almost complete

ItalianLeagueFlag Italian League-Proposal, incomplete

Bandera del Turquestan Emirate of Turkestan-Proposal, incomplete

Flag of Colombia Republic of Colombia-Proposal, incomplete


Rise of Roses

A world in which Italy unified earlier, the Ottomans survived to present day, Scotland rejected the Act of Union, and the USA is not as powerful as nations close to it such as California or Louisiana. If you want to check out more, how about This?

ItalyflagwithMedici Kingdom of Italy

Flag of the Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire

Louissianaflag Republic of Louissiana

World News Network


Central World

{C}What if the Central Powers won WWI?

Flag of Bhutan Kingdom of Bhutan - proposal, stub

Caldea Kingdom of Chaldea - proposal, stub

Flag of Egypt (1922–1958) Kingdom of Egypt - proposal, stub

Kanaka Maoli flag Kingdom of Hawaii (with VENEZUELA) - Canon

Flag of the Federation of South Arabia Federation of South Arabia - proposal

Italia.flag Italian Republic - proposal

Muslim World

What if the Muslims had won the Battle of Tours?

Banner Al Andalus Caliphate of Cordoba

A Different History

Another Rise of Roses-like scenario!

Pre-1962 Flag of Nepal Kingdom of Nepal - proposal

Flag of England England - proposal

Map Games

I'm the Provinces of Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Hijaz, Yemen, Nubia and Hadramwt in PMII.

Note: All the TLs that I've made (Bolivar's Dream, Spain Divided, Central Italy, Divided Italy) are open if you ask me. Please write a request in my talk page or in that of the TL respected, and I'll probably approve.

Note 2: If you would like help on any TL of yours, please tell me!

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