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NOTE: This idea is not mine. I got the idea when I saw Mitro's one, which you can find here.

NOTE 2: All of this is open to change and re-haul.

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Shukria Raad Alimi

As the daughter of the last emir of an unknown country in Central Asia, there's just enough information for this to be extremely infuriating. The information I have gotten until now:

  • Shukria Alimi was born in 1943 (aged 68).

VOA with Shukria Raad

Is THIS the true likeness of the Emir of Bukhara? :P

*She grew up in Kabul but she's now part of a radio station in the US. (This give plausibility to an image I found that perhaps is the real likeness of Alimi; see image).

  • She probably had a husband named Mohammed Azim Raad who died in 1986.

  • She probably has two children.


Map Games


That Thing

Republic of Philly/Freedonia

Cauca-Magdalena Petty Kingdoms

Caucasian Confederation DAC


  1. Empire of the Andes or some sort of loose federal structure, a la Holy Roman Empire? Led from the remnants of Medellín (pop at 1899: around 60k), Cali (around 24k), Manizales (15k), or maybe maybe maybe Ibagué. Hundreds of different levels of duchies (Consulates?), counties (Generalities?) and burghers and republics.
    1. Important nations would occur the Republics of Cartagena and Barranquilla (sort of Alexandria meets Genoish republics), main trading centres northwards towards the North American Republic of New Orleans and other such; Duchies in Southwest Antioquia, the Cafetero Belt and the Cauca; 

Saint Muhammad

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