Perfect to United Nations (or something around) in your timeline!, but do a better if U wan, orden by percentage of world population

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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 22
  • Location: Agentina
  • Nationality: Argentine
  • Languages:
Spanish (Native)
English (upper intermediate)
Portugues (upper intermediate)

Style in AH: i dont like changes before 1700, i dont know before 1700, and i dont know what can be if something change before 1700, must be because i am american, Argentinian, i dont know real OOLLDD history, "my world" start in 1800 and i fell our world start around that time --Fero 23:03, 28 October 2008 (UTC)

and you can Find me in Future.wikia

  • ATLs I am currently working on:

Black American Revolution

II american civil war territory

In the 1930's, before WW2 started, in the USA black/negro peoples are segregated, and so a group of them take control of a military base in a southern state, a resistance begins, and Herbert Hoover does not peacefully respond to this, that ends with the acceptance of self-goverment in a new republic in North America for the "enemies" of USA. (Open for adoption, preferably an American citizen)

Bush Alone

War in Afghanistan beggins 2001 October 7, without support of UK, and in contradiction to Russia and ONU position. "Axis of evil"

Europe Bush's "axis of evil" includes Iran, Iraq, and North Korea (darker red). "Beyond the Axis of Evil" includes Cuba, Libya, and Syria (orange). (out of date)

term coined by United States President George W. Bush in his State of the Union Address on January 29, 2002 in order to describe governments that he accused of helping terrorism and seeking weapons of mass destruction, named Iran, Iraq, and North Korea. Bush's presidency has been marked by this notion as a justification for the War on Terror. Later on May 6, 2002 future United States UN Ambassador John R. Bolton gave a speech entitled "Beyond the Axis of Evil." In it he added three more nations to be grouped with the already mentioned "rogue states": Libya, Syria, and Cuba. That become in a sucesion of conflics bewtune USA without any help againt Afganistan, Iraq, North Korea, Iran, Libya, Syria, and Cuba

The Capitol Burns

Almost USA goverment die when a American Airlines hijacked by Islamist terrorists affiliated with al-Qaeda crash in the Capitol on the State of the Union Address by George Bush

The September 11 attacks never take place. Instead, the Al-Qaida network chooses a bigger, and more deadly, target. On January 29, 2002, during George W. Bush's State of the Union address, an airliner dive-bombs crash into the U.S. Capitol building. 97% of the members of Congress are killed, and so are most of the cabinet, including the President and Vice President. The Presidency passes to Interior Secretary Gale Norton, who presides over the beginning of the end for American democracy.

London Event

Europe in 1905 few time before London Meteorite of 1908

0:14 UT, 0:14 a.m. local solar time on June 30, 1908 a powerfull explosion become in the northborder of London City, killing almost population of the great city, and destroying 30% of his bulding, that is knowlegde in the world like "London Event". nothing happens in Tunguska, Russia. Poppe say is a punished of god and europeans sacking London ruins and land ocupation start by decretation of German Emperor Wilhelm II. 1908-1912 almost a First World War. 1908-1917 english/british diaspora.

No Destiny

1777, 13 colonies dream independence,

Flag of the United States of America.

fight alone for that, without the help of France, Spain,

Final territory in 22 States

Netherland or any other European nation, they gain Independence in 1786, but the war is hard, and so is independence. TheUS citizens and government do not agree with the idea of Manifest Destiny and don´t expand to the west of north america, the original thirteen United States still be just thirteen in the east cost of north america and not (tries or obtains) grow up against the Treaty of Paris in 1783, does not conquer Florida, Canada or the west of Mississipi river in her early histor

Neutral and peaceful like Switzerland, USA is going deep in business with everybody, but the regional and global wars still run the world, a world with a real peaceful and unmilitarisic or no - expansionist USA An Under Construction and Open for Editing or Adoption Timeline

No Nuclear Weapon

In 1921 promising German theoretical physicist Albert Einstein dies in his first visit to the USA. He never makes contact with Ernest Rutherford or Leó Szilárd and the Manhattan Project never born. A world without useful atomic energy or Nuclear Bomb, a world without the Person of the Century.


a independence an english version of the original and

Nuclear bomb blow London

spanish UKend. wednesday September 22 of 2004, 6 nuclear explosion blow up in the United Kingdom, only in bigges cities of England. A empire without king who brothers nation present herself to protected, the fall of the 5th economy and second military spender of the world.

UKend en español

El miercoles 22 de Septiembre de 2004 fue un dia negro para el Reino Unido o como lo llamo ese pediodista frances "UKEND United Kingdom End", 6 esplosiones nucleares se sucedieron en ciudades importantes de Inglaterra, solo de Inglaterra, el secesionismo reina en las islas europeas y a su vez, el Imperio perdio a su reina madre, y ahora sus naciones hermanas se pelean por devorarse sus sabrosas carnes. La caida de la 5ta potencia economica y la segunda nacion mas inversora en Defensa del mundo. aqui la version original ficcionada, en ficcion.wikia.com


--Fero 02:25, 31 January 2009 (UTC)

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