Alternative History

Hello, and welcome to my dump for PoD ideas. I have a lot of them, and I never use 90% of them, so I might as well store them in a place were I can remember them for later. Also, I don't really claim these, anyone can use them, so have fun if you want. Think of this as This thing, just without all the filthy peasants. Also, as a side benefit, I have already written out the start of several of these scenarios, so those will be available upon request.

  • Land of Plenty: the Haggerman horse survives in the Americas, allowing the culture that would become the Aztecs to migrate southwards and dominate Mesoamerica much earlier. This would quickly lead to a plethora of much more powerful Empires in Mesoamerica and elsewere. These empires are still unable to stand up to the onslaught of the Spanish inquisition, but were able to keep their cultures intact after their defeat. This leads to a completely different set of cultures dominating America in its post colonial days, redefining most of its history.
  • An Empire forever: Alexander has a successor, namely a boy of exceptional intelligence, called Amyntas and born to his sister. Before Alexander dies, he appoints his nephew as the new king of what would be known as the Macedonian Empire. Amyntas proves far better at Empire building that his predecessor, and quickly creates a powerful empire to stand the test of time. This leads to a world dominated by relatively few (20-40) powerful states up to the modern day.
  • The Gorgeous East: Instead of dying in 744, after only six months of his reign, caliph Yazid III survives, thus preventing the fall of the Umayyad Caliphate. This allows the Umayyad Caliphate to survive much longer than it did in OTL, and the state dominates European politics for nearly a thousand years. Even after the Caliphate falls, Islam is much more prevalent and influential across the world, and especially Europe, were it becomes a majority religion in many places.
  • Allah's North: Instead of choosing Eastern Orthodoxy as the state religion for Russia, Vladimir the Great instead opts for Islam. This greatly expands the influence of Islam, notably into Eastern Europe, Siberi, Scandinavia, and even to parts of Germany. This creates a much better relationship between Russia and the middle east, and cultural exchange between them. The Religion also effects Russia's relations with other European nations, leaving it even further culturally separate than it is OTL.
  • False Start: America decides to annex Texas earlier, resulting in an early Mexican-American war. This earlier war is quickly won by the Mexicans. A more powerful Mexico leads to Mexico becoming the dominate power in the Americas, overshadowing the USA in most instances. It eventually leads to several future wars between Mexico and America, making the continent less influential overall. This leads to Europe keeping more of its power after the World Wars, and dominating the world to a larger extent up to the modern day.