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"All Pain, No Brain"

Personal information
Nationality Flag of Indonesia.svg Indonesian
Ethnicity Banjar Sultanate Flag.svg Banjarese
Flag of Dayak Besar.svg Dayak (perhaps)
Gender Male
Religion Agnostic Question Mark.svg Agnosticism
Personal motto Je suis condamné à être libre
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Political views Centre-left to left-wing
Political parties Logo of Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan.svg Constitutional Democratic Party (Japan)

LogoPSI.svg Indonesian Solidarity Party (Indonesia, present)
Logo Labour Party.svg Labour Party (United Kingdom)
Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands, Logo um 2000.svg Social Democratic Party (Germany)
Red star.svg Socialist Party of Indonesia (Indonesia, historical)
SYRIZA logo 2009.svg SYRIZA (Greece)
Wordmark Podemos.svg Podemos (Spain)
Logo France Insoumise.svg La France insoumise (France)

Anthem Nella Fantasia
If I Ruled the World
Philosophy of religion
Alternative history
  • Anthemology
  • World War I & II
  • Korea (all periods)
  • Japan (all periods)
  • Religion
  • Ancient East Asian languages
  • Marxism

I am FirstStooge, but you can simply call me FS (Discord: FirstStooge#0714).