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Napoleonic France

  1. France invaded the British Isles instead of Russia in 1812. Both of France and Russia then signed a peace treaty and divided the part of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth that previously ceded by the Prussians into each other spheres of influences. As the invasion went into a stalemate and Napoleon died suddenly in a mysterious circumstances, his son, Napoleon II being the new French Emperor. However, as the infant emperor was under the influences of his mother, Marie Louise, the Duchess of Parma, the Austrian Empire took this opportunity to break-up the French Empire through the Congress of Vienna in 1814-1815. France then only an empire by name with its territories in Europe being torn apart by the Great Powers.
  2. As Russia was nominally allied with Napoleonic France, Prussia gained the Russian part of Polish Partition during the Congress. Avignon and Comtat Venaissin within France were returned as the enclaves of Papal States. The independence of Corsica was also restored under the British military protection.
  3. After the early death of Napoleon II in 1832, his uncle and Napoleon's younger brother, Louis Napoleon, was crowned as Louis I and reigned until 1846. With his poor mental condition, his rule in France was a liberal one, although being hampered by political and economic stagnation until his sons: Emperor Louis II (1846-1868) and his brother, Prince Louis-Napoleon (then became Emperor Louis III from 1868 to 1871), as main advisor ruled as an imperial tandem, revived the nation's glory through an energetic foreign policy.

Random ideas

  1. French government was evacuated to French North Africa during the Battle of France. But, then it moved again further to French India following the Battle of Algiers between Spain and France. With the government successful evacuation, De Gaulle never rose into prominence.
  2. Vallabhbhai Patel elected as the first Prime Minister of India in 1947 instead of Nehru. After Patel's death in 1950, Morarji Desai replaced him and established a conservative-nationalist India.
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