Alternative History
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Archivist in the TSPTF
Some fun facts
Age 23 (subject to change)
Nationality Scottish/British
Instruments Keytar
Habits Long absences
Sports Pulling sick burns
Holds elitist opinions about music, films, football, beer
Poltical Views
Orientation Depends who I'm arguing with
Party Yes please

Hello there, my name is ForsakenPear or Forsaken or FuhPuh or EffPeeh or a host of other things, but you can call me FP.

If you want a chat, I'm on discord now and again (European times), and if not, drop me a line on my talk, I'm usually up for a natter.

things i do

things that are mine

  • At 'Ayn Jalut (on hold, maybe dead forever, who knows)
  • Imperium (merely a glint in the eye of the future, projected to arrive ~2035, may be posthumously released)

some games i was in

some other stuff i did/do

things that aren't mine that i like

something to consider

  • Concrete. I wrote a blog post about concrete. What am I doing with my life.

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