My name is Fxgentleman and I am a resident of northern Virginia.

I first became interested in history and current events in my early teens, listening to my father talk about growing up in the Great Depression and serving in World War II. It is a passion I have continued to pursue in the years since. Although I enjoy reading and studying history in general, I am particularly partial to American, military, and criminal history as well as disasters. Among my favorite areas of interest in US history are the War of 1812, Spanish American War, and 20th Century America. However, I have been especially fond of esoteric historical information, little known events which could have had a major impact.

I guess this I why I was deeply intrigued by my first encounter with the concept of alternate history when I read the novel "For Want of a Nail" several decades ago. Since that time, I have become a passionate reader of the genre both in book and electronic form and find it deeply intriguing. I particularly enjoy such authors as Harry Turtledove, Eric Flint, and Robert Conroy.

As a first time contributor, my original intention was to write one or two pieces about the Middle East for the 1983 Doomsday page. I found the scenario extremely interesting, especially since I was a nineteen year old college student at the time. When I first heard the story of September 26, 1983, sometime ago when I was watching a documentary on the subject, it definitely shocked me to learn how close we came to total destruction. It does make one think about what might have been.

However, as things go, one article leads to another. I am currently the author for the American survival nations of the United Counties of Delmarva and Sierra Nevada Union in the former US, Iceland, Hampton Roads, Virginia, and the NBC Special Bulletin Broadcast. I have also taken over the Norfolk Naval Base article and am rewriting the article on New Jersey. Additionally, I have sorta emerged as the Middle East caretaker, having written the following articles for the Doomsday 1983 Middle East section:






Saudi Arabia

United Arab Emirates (UAE)






Gulf States Union

As that I have been a contributor to the scenario for some time, I have developed specific thoughts as to the direction I wish to take all my articles, both those in the Middle East and North America. Because of the demands of my job, and the time it takes to do research and write so my articles are grounded in reality and make sense, my intention has always been to add onto to them as time allows. As such, I rotate my spare time amongst them. So please do not think I have abandoned my articles if I have not added to them as of late. As a matter of respect I would also request you do not change my articles, unless it is a grammatical or factual error, and in such case you let me know. If you have an idea, float it by me and I will respond as I can. As of this date, I am not interested in anyone taking over any of my articles.

I have done a great deal of background research into subjects related to the 1983 scenario so if you want to run something by me on the chance I might have some information please feel to contact me. I am also available for strictly verbal discussions via Skype if you would like to have a one on one realtime conversation. I can also be reached by email at (See below). Thanks and I hope you like what I have written. (5/7/2013)

Update: I have been on indefinite hiatus from the site since for awhile because of personal reasons, especially the demands of my job. I do hope to return to my work sometime soon, but I don't know when as of now. As this is a hobby, I can only work on it when I have time because of work and other projects I am involved in. However, I do monitor my articles by email and would again ask other writers to refrain from unauthorized changes. Thanks. (6/3/2014)

Update: I apologize if anyone has tried to reach me since my previous posting above by leaving a message for me here or emailing me. I have been super busy with other matters since last summer. Also, the old email account I had has not been functioning. You can now reach me at I still politely request other writers to refrain from unauthorized changes to any of my articles. Thanks. (3/21/2015)

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