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Main interests:
  • The Interplay between Archetype & Cliche
  • Vastness
  • Pipe Smoking
  • Art
  • Politics
  • History
  • Philosophy
Althistory interests:
  • A Timeline where Harold Stassen wins an election
  • Alternate World Wars
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I am the creator of the following articles for various timelines on this wiki,

1983: Doomsday

North America


Flag of Kentucky The Commonwealth of Kentucky & its associated articles.

Flag of Missouri Cape Girardeau

Flag of Missouri Joplin

Flag of Broken Bow (Doomsday) Broken Bow

Flag of Arkansas Hot Springs

SoFl-Flag2 Republic of South Florida (With SouthWriter & Arstarpool)

Flag of FloridaRepublic of Gainesville (With SouthWriter)

720px-Flag of South Dakota.svg South Dakota (With SouthWriter)

575px-Flag of North Dakota.svg North Dakota (With SouthWriter)

DakotaFlag Provisional Government of South Dakota (With SouthWriter)

Image3434 Bloomington

Flag of Pennsylvania State College

Flag of Ohio Ohio

Oklahoma1 Hugo

Pascoflag Pasco Free State (With KingSweden)

BrokenTennessee Waynesboro

Toledo 5 Toledo Confederation (With JackofSpades, Caeruleus, & other contributors)

83DD-NiagaraFallsFlag2 Niagara Falls (As an adviser)

500px-Flag of Barrie.svg Midland

800px-83DD-AntlersFlag Antlers

Flag of Arkansas Arkansas




NewRomeFlag New Rome (With Arstarpool)


Flag of Nauru Nauru

Cook islands flag (1983DD) Pitcairn Islands

Flag of Norfolk Island Norfolk Island

Flag of Tuvalu Tuvalu

Flag of Kiribati Kiribati

Flag of Niue Niue

Flag of the Cook Islands Cook Islands

Flag of French Polynesia Society Islands

Flag of French Polynesia Caroline Islands

ANZ Union Flag with the golden ratio Baker Island

ANZ Union Flag with the golden ratio Howland Island

Flag of Tokelau (local) Tokelau

ANZ Union Flag with the golden ratio Banaba Island

Flag of Kiribati Gilbert Islands

Flag of Kiribati Line Islands

Flag of Kiribati Tarawa Atoll

Flag of Vanuatu Vanuatu

ANZ Union Flag with the golden ratio Heard Island and McDonald Islands

ANZ Union Flag with the golden ratio Chatham Islands

30px Christmas Island (Indian Ocean)

ANZ Union Flag with the golden ratio Ashmore and Cartier Islands

ANZ Union Flag with the golden ratio Kermadec Islands

ANZ Union Flag with the golden ratio Jarvis Island

ANZ Union Flag with the golden ratio Coral Sea Islands

Flag of Maldives Maldives

Lord Howe Island


Jim Bunning

Taj Mahal


List of Presidents of The Commonwealth of Kentucky

2010 Kentucky General Elections

The Constitution of The Commonwealth of Kentucky

List of National Historic Landmarks in Kentucky

To Do List


Palmyra Atoll

Midway Atoll

Kingman Reef

To Do At Some Point


Kanton Island

Pitt Island

Loyalty Islands

Marquesas Islands

Willis Island (Coral Sea)

Willis Island

Adopted Pages

Cave City

Flag of Fiji 1924-1970 Fiji

French Polynesia



Saint Helena


American diaspora

2010 WCRB report on the Future Geopolitical Outlook Various folks have contributed to this article. I"m just the caretaker.

East Timor

East Caribbean Federation


Other Contributions

The East American Alliance (W/ Yank)

I've been working on many a'sub-articles for the Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand and on the article itself.

Wasteland Europe

Flag of Canada Canada - Proposal

Other TL's

I'm rewriting an old article of mine called President Delay


I've contributed to other timelines but nothing of any great importance. However I'm keeping an eye out for a new timeline.

Reporting Trouble

If your having trouble with the site or a user feel free to let me know and I'll see what I can do to bring about swift action & allow you to continue enjoying this Wiki. --Zack 00:14, October 7, 2010 (UTC)

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