Country: Flag of Argentina.svg Argentine Republic (República Argentina)
Religion: Flag of the Vatican City svg.png Catholic
Age: 15
Political Ideology: Cosmopolitan (utopian socialism)
PoliticaL Party: Antipartisan
Interests: History, policy, literacy, philosophy, philology and movies.
My favorite books:
  • Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin
  • Foundation Sagas - Isaac Asimov
  • Lord of the Rings - J. R. R. Tolkien
  • Honor Harrington - David Weber
  • 1632 - Eric Flint
  • Elric of Melniboné - Michael Moorcock
My favorite movies and series:
  • Star Wars
  • Doctor Who
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Napoleon miniseries
  • Diego Capusottos' programs
My favorite history periods: American history after the XIX century. European history (all periods). Feudal Asia (especially Japan). World Wars and Cold War. History of the abrahamic religions.
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My Own Timelines:
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Map Games:
  • [[Principia Moderni II (Map Game)|Principia Moderni II) (England)
Specialities: Mapmake, politic systems and alternate philology.

My favorite pages

About me

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, my username is Galaguerra, my real name is Eloy Vera. I'm native of the Argentine Republic, specificly, Bahía Blanca.

I'm very interested in the politic and history. I'm a cosmopolist who support the idea of a Mankind united under one flag (not an imperialist and frenkly useless organization like the United Nations, I mean a united government).

I'm also a enthusiastic of the languages, cultures, religions and literacy. I'm a native speaker of spanish and currently I know how to speak english in a good level (you will judge), a good level of greek and esperanto and I have little knowledges of italian, arabic and some fictional languages.

My alternate histories

My first alternate histories were created in the spanish version of this wikia.

The first war Reino del Río de la Plata (Kingdom of the Rio de la Plata) translated to this wiki as Regnum Argenta. When the history (currently under revision) had a good development level, I created Mundo sin América (World without America) and Catalina la Grande (Catherine the Great), a history which deal with Catherine of Aragon becoming queen of Spain. After this, I crated Estados Unidos del Río de la Plata (United States of the Rio de la Plata), based on the homonym idea of the argentine intellectual and president Domingo Faustino Sarmiento. My last history created in that wikia was Revolución Mundial (World Revolution), based in a world unified under one communist state, strated with the rise of Trotsky as leader or the USSR.

My unique history started in this wikia was Leifsbudir, a history which talk about the viking colonization of America, and the evolution of the american norse civilization separated from Europe. The history is bying translated to spanish.

My favourite quotes

  • The soldiers of the Fatherland know not luxury, but glory. -- José de San Martín
  • My sword will never leave its sheath for political opinions. -- José de San Martín
  • If there is victory in defeating an enemy, it is greater in defeating oneself. -- José de San Martín
  • I speak latin to God, italian to musicians, spanish to the ladies, french in the court, german to serfs and english to my horse. .. Charles I of Spain and V of the Holy Roman Empire
  • The reason of the State shall never oppose to the state of reason -- Charles I of Spain and V of the Holy Roman Empire.
  • By God's Grace, I know Satan very well. -- Martin Luther
  • The revolution starts at home -- Vlaidmir Lenin
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