I am Filipino Alternate History fan.

I am the creator the Alternate History Dae Han Jeguk: an Alternate History of Korea. This was back in 2009 in and decided that I had to bring it here.

I also created Manchukuo Survives, an alternate scenario where some Manchukuo leaders and Japanese decided to rebel against the Japanese government in early 1945. This results in Manchukuo along with Mongolia being granted by a reluctant China independence. Manchukuo survives to the present day.

As much as I like some realism, I like ASB timelines a lot.

My grudge to those in the ASB fandom is the lack of anime-related ASB timelines. The timelines I am planning to build will be in, however. This is for "realistic" timelines.

I am also tired of the word "cliche." It's like the N-word.

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