Over the last couple of days/weeks/months, the Squirrevolution has become a fairly large voice on this wiki's chat. 

Now, let me make one thing clear, by dealing with a few misconceptions.

  1. The Squirrevolution is a group of spammers and anarchists who are either trolls, Mscovites, or Octards.
    • False. While few of us are among the most reputable, we have attracted several members of the TSPTF, including Cour, and Andy, though I can't really tell about the latter since he seems to switch sides every ten minutes.
  2. The Squirrevolution is focused entirely on the banning of squirrels in chat.
    • Au contraire. We focus on issues of equality and abuse throughout the wiki. We aim to be like the Doctors without Borders of the wiki. 
  3. The Squirrevolution is only about chat.
    • So far, yes. But we might expand.
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