I'm a young American student that had always been interested in History. What interests me more is the

Constable of the TSPTF, Respect my Authority :)

possibilities in our world for things to be different. I have also spent time reading and writing to develop a creative writing proficiency, which I think may be greatly appreciated by the community of this site. The different paths that could be taken by the world, whether good, bad or indifferent, I believe are very drawing and important to explore. While I understand not all parts of my story, called L'Uniona Homanus, are equal, some parts are better or more developed than others, I hope to become an imbedded part of this site and gain any followers that I can. I intend for this story to reach a climax sometime near the present day, and in contemporary years to have much more rapid developments and actions in the world. I hope you all like me.

Facts about myself

Religion: none

Hobbies: This, games, school, friends, and life.

Reason for being here: I love history and I feel I should put my creativity somewhere.

Residence: United States of America, New York specifically.

Beliefs about Specific Topics:

  1. Abortion, Pro-Choice
  2. Animal Rights: is a Personal Decision and I have chosen to eat meat and love it.
  3. Censorship on the Internet, Radio, and Television: Keep Communication Free Forever
  4. Civil RIghts: All People are born free and equal with certain inalienable Rights
  5. Death Penalty: Against but in cases of Treason, War Crimes, and Crimes against Humanity
  6. Education: is a Right, but, the structure of Education should reflect the interests of the students in particular and encourage them to set their own path in life and not to fit into any established order.
  7. Firearms: The regulation of weapons ought to keep weapons of mass destruction and weapons of war out of the hands of people. Personal defense and Hunting, unless actively posign a threat to others, doesn't bother me.
  8. Free Trade: Negotiate with your country first and reach an agreement that the other side will accept.
  9. Health Care: is a Right but the problems with Health Care, at least in America, are the costs of these Services which have several possible solutions.
  10. Immigration: is the engine which brings foreign ideas to this country and makes it as great as it is. Violence is the same in every language and so is crime and that should be the focus of illegal bands of gangsters and drug smugglers from Mexico, not their language or skin color. The immigration process should be easier, especially for productive or exceptional members of society which we should invite into our country.
  11. Terrorism: I am not afraid of terrorists and we have the ability to defend ourselves, small operations in countries for the purpose of disarming and dismantling the operations of terrorist organization is a cheaper and more effective way of protecting oneself.
  12. Climate Change: is happening but it is not the only reason to look for renewable sources of energy and that should be emphasized.
  13. The Budget: ought to be fair and equitable to the people of this country and not corporations and their private interests.
  14. Flat Tax: is code for punishing poor people in the name of fairness. It serves to bring down the people with the least to make them a permanent underclass.
  15. Gay Rights: see 4.
  16. Infrastructure: The American Interstate Project was the largest Building Project in history, and it is time to renew that commitment with High-speed Rail and rennovations to our bridges and roads. Not by remaking old lines but creating new ones to make sure the new technology can reach its full and most efficient potential.
  17. Medical Marijuana and Drugs in General: We should prove that drugs can be legal without the degradation of society irst with marijuana and the rest will follow naturally. When people are properly educated and not lied to they can make decisions for themselves and we do not need the government to do that for them.
  18. Nuclear Weapons: Should be kept out of the hands of any more nations. I do not trust that Nuclear endeavours by nations like Iran are entirely for the purpose of finding new forms of energy for their country. It's not as if there is an oil shortage in Iran.
  19. Church and State: A High and Thick wall between them. -Thomas Jefferson
  20. Stem Cells: an important advancement in the Medical Science
  21. Veterans: ought to be taken care of in the highest regard of this country.
  22. Campaign Finance: Out to be entirely public and restrict the number of ads or other operations which candidates can take. No Corporate Moneny in Politics at any level.
  23. Crime and Police: The Police ought to focus on criminals and not on casual drug users and other laws of that nature.

Some PODs that came to me.

  • What if Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella of Castille and Leon never married (perhaps one died of plague or married someone else)? This would mean no Spain, and no discovery of America in 1492.
  • What if the Aztecs never immigrated south into Mexico? They became a power on the Western Coast and perhaps met the Americans going west with a formidable enemy.
  • What if Stilicho had become of the Western Roman Empire and they managed to live a little bit longer?
  • What if Muhammad died in a war with Mecca, and there was no Islam. say the Byzantines grew to be a greater power.
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