Country: Flag of Chile.svg Republic of Chile
(República de Chile)
Religion: Flag of the Vatican City svg.png Roman Catholic
Age: 30
Political Ideology: Center-right
Political Views: Christian humanism
Liberal conservatism
Political Party: Independent (for now)
Languages: Spanish
English (something; i use translator web)
Interests: History, Politics, Geography
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Rank Brass
Speaker of the Maailma lõppu
April 22, 2012 - Incumbent
Previous Rank Lieutenant of the TSPTF
February 17, 2011 - April 22, 2012
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Winner of the 2012 Stirlingfor Best Copyeditor.
Winner of the 2013 Stirling for Best TSPTF Member.
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My Own Timelines: None
Adopted Timelines: Mexican Empire
Others Timelines:

Hi! Welcome to my user page.
¡Hola! Bienvenidos mi pagina de Usuario.

Note: I not speak english very well.

Here my user page in Historia Alternativa: Currently, I'm part of the Wikia TSPTF and also I'm a Adm. of the Spanish Wikia.

Usuario:Katholico (Span. Wikia)



No Naranjazo

English version of Sin Naranjazo

  • Chilean parliamentary by-election, 1964
  • Chilean presidential election, 1964
  • Julio Durán
  • List of Presidents of Chile
  • Chilean parliamentary election, 1965

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1983: Doomsday




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Winner of the 2011 Stirling for Best Non-English AH Wiki.

(Co)Winner of the 2014 Stirling for Best Non-English AH Wiki.


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