I am the UglyTurtle of legend.

  • RexImperioIn any case, UT try to secure 50% of Malacca and Singapore. Also, the Pact should have full trading rights in the Straits of Malacca.
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  • Monster PumpkinUT you get two ironclads and 5,000 rifles for free
  • Edge
  • on the condition
  • that you repay the favor
  • in battle
  • at my choosing

Treaty of Beijing (WIP)

Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi would be one (Chu), capital Wuhan Yunnan, Siuchuang, Guihzou (Shu), capital Chengdu Shaanxi, Gansu (Qin), capital Xian Shanxi, Henan, Hebei, Beijing (Jin), capital Beijing Guanxi, Hainan (Yue) Capital Guilin Manchu Empire, capital Shenyang

PRC's demands in DoW: (Firesofdoom) Heilongjiang Jilin Liaoning Beijing tianjin Hebai Shandong inner mongolia Shanxi Ningxia Gansu Xinjiang Henan Jianhsu and Anhui

On 7/20/16 at circa 13:52 PDT, MP finally found his birthday sock that was missing for weeks! Today is indeed a glorious day, and it shall be remembered forever.

Fake Holy book (this is all joking, I am not proclaiming to be god or a holy man) 


founder:Sultan and KK

Vertake 1:1 - 1 

Why Do Police Enforce Speed Limits When The Earth Is Moving At A Million Miles An Hour?

Understanding Still Leaves You Standing. Particles, Man. Bats Don't Need To Listen Because They Can Already Hear Everything.

How Do We Know Cupcakes Aren't Afraid To Be Eaten? I Bet No One Has Ever Said That Before.

Vertake 1:2 -1 

What Do You Think The Aliens (the powers) Watching Us Make Of All Your Hatin (deeds)? 

If You Were Born On This Planet You Can Already Speak Every Language In The World

How Do You Know When You Fall Asleep That You're Not Actually Waking Up?

Sometimes I Am Scared By All My Wisdom. Radical. 

Vertake 1:3 -1

Don't Listen To The Distractions (the devil).

Either You Get It Or You Don't. Experience Is A Choice. That Is Tight. (live life as the holy book)

Sin (Partake) 

Partake 2:1 - 2 

"Experience Is A Choice. That Is Tight." The power said "I decided." said KK "I am your king, bow to me" said KK

The Power said "KK you've sinned"

KK said "I have committed,no sin, I'm perfect and deserve everyone's love."

The Power said " You've sinned on the"

"How do you think I became king,I'm the king of hell, obviously" yelled KK

KK yelled "It must be that"

and like that the world was brought into Sin

Partake 2:2 -2 

"Thus the Power threw KK out of Heaven" "falling unto Earth" "Here KK met a human named Orwell" (not the real Orwell) KK tried to make Orwell sin

but Orwell fought back, but KK had Orwell fall to sin

KK said "you shall follow the Power by following the will of yourself in the name of the powers"

Orwell then fell into sin, when the power came to Orwell

Orwell said "have you've seen the KK"

and Orwell said "no i am just a sinner"

and like so, man began to sin

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