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Country: United States
Religion: Eastern Orthodox
Age: 20
Political Ideology: American Centrism, Swedish Conservatism
Languages: English - Fluent
Swedish - Fluent
Spanish - Comfortable, but not fluent
Russian - I can read Cyrillic, but I don't know the language
French - Partial
Interests: History, Politics, American football, Movies
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My Own Timelines: Napoleon's World Cinco De Mayo

KingSweden! Not just the name of my YouTube production company, but now also my AltHist profile.

I'm from the Seattle area and am an avid student of history.

My primary Althist is the Napoleon's World timeline. Please, have a look and leave comments. Any feedback is appreciated! I eventually want to write a novel series based upon the TL so a world as believable as possible is to be formed here.

I'm an author, too. I've recently published the first three novels of my "League of Planets Adventure" science fiction series, which can be found here:

The Forbidden Army

Thus Spoke the Dragon

Servants of the Empire

On that same note, I also am the admin of the League of Planets Wiki

TL's I've Worked On

  • Napoleon's World is of course my pride and joy, and my crown jewel. I've been working on it for over a year and was blessed in March to have it made a featured TL. If you ever have ideas on how to make an already-expanding TL even better, feel free to let me know. NOTE: I really hate being that asshole contributor who bitches about people adding random articles, pictures or information, but when it comes to Napoleon's World, I realize that I often come off as a control freak. I'm always very, very open to hearing suggestions and I almost always graduate any cool idea into canon or tweak things to fit better, but please ask before adding anything radical and new, or at at least suggest it to me first on my talk page so I can give feedback on how it can match the established canon. I don't want to get into an edit war over my own Timeline and I don't want to use Block or Protect powers to have to prevent people from screwing with my work.
  • Cinco De Mayo asks what would have happened had the Mexicans lost the Battle of Puebla to the Second French Empire's expeditionary force.
  • A Viking Civilization is something I started and would love to keep working on. It's a project that is open for co-adoption.
  • Bush '92 is exactly what the name implies: what happens if Bush/Quayle wins the '92 election? Open for co-adoption and collaboration.
  • Pretzel of Doom asks an interesting question: what if George W. Bush had choked to death on that infamous pretzel while watching an NFL playoff game, only months after 9/11. Also open for co-adoption/collaboration
  • Great White South I've contributed a bit on Native Antarcticans, but User:MisterSheen has taken my ideas and vastly improved upon them.

TL's I Enjoy

  • French Trafalgar, British Waterloo is the brainchild of my Napoleonic partner-in-crime, Tbguy1992. It's a bit of a different approach to the same subject my primary TL focuses on, and probably a more plausible one.
  • Great White South, due to my enjoyment of the premise and my own brief contributions.
  • 1983: Doomsday for obvious reasons
  • 1963: No Dallas, because it is one of the more thoughtful approaches to a Kennedy ATL - it's not a liberal wankjob or a conservative wankjob. Whoever the author is did some serious, and excellent, research into this subject.