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A Republican working on Tim Cahill's campaign for Governor of Massachusetts. Plan on challenging Tierney for his seat in the House of Representatives in 2016 or later. Currently attending Salem State College as a History Major.

My contributions


  • Arrow to the Moon - The Artemis Project is successful in drawing in major business investment, rather than dying off in the late 1990's.

Under Construction

What Could Have Been - The Johnson Presidency written from the view of the Goldwater Presidency

Big Chief in the White House - Douglas MacArthur manages to narrowly defeat Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the 1944 Presidential Election.

Ideas to Work on

1932 Presidential Election (Hiram Johnson Progressive)

Hiram Johnson wins the Presidency against incumbent President Herbert Hoover and Democratic challenger John Nance Garner

2000 Presidential Election (Debator Nader)

Ralph Nader's stronger performance would allow George W. Bush to attain a 349-189 electoral victory over Al Gore.

  • Lincoln survives his assasination attempt. Need to figure out a catchy title page name. Frederick is present at his post (only to be stabbed to death by Wilkes Booth), and give enough time for Ulysses S. Grant to get to the door. Wilkes tries to rush through the door, but Grant manages to crush it into Booth's arm with the pistol.
  • Herbert Hoover is appointed by Thomas Dewey to a vacant Senate seat from New York. He won't become President, but will likely become Majority Leader quite early (1952-1954). Likely would die at the same time due to the nature of his death (Gastrointestinal internal bleeding; a malignant tumor had been removed only ten months before). May resign due to health problems in 1964-65 (if he lives). Will definately be dead by 1969. Format for writing unknown.
  • Hiram Johnson runs as the Progressive Party candidate in the 1932 Presidential Election when John Nance Garner narrowly takes away the nomination from Roosevelt, and wins. His isolationism would be a problem however, but that is only if he is President after 1940 (He may be a two-termer).
  • Ralph Nader is successful in his petition to be included in the Presidential Debates, and ends up earning seven percent of the vote. This serves to legitimize the Green Party in future elections at both the local and national level.
  • Charleton Heston agrees to run as a Democrat in 1970 for the California Senate Seat and wins. He would later become a Republican as he did historically, and may (but not likely) become President. This would be difficult due to the timing, with a run likely not being possible until 1988 or later. He is also then further out of the public eye.
  • In some miracle, David Brinkley wins the Republican nomination for Vice President in 1972 over Spiro Agnew. Interesting as to how his Presidency would turn out with Nixon resigning in '73.

On Hiatus

  • Wilt of the Carnation - The 1974 Carnation Revolution is found out by the Portuguese Government before it is carried out, and therefore prevented. However, would the results be beneficial to Portugal, or would it lead to the destruction of the state?
  • Killing of the Eagle, the Lion, and the Bear - On Novermber 28th, 1943, shortly after the Tehran Conferance begins, explosions rip throughout the Soviet Embassy, causing the building to collapse upon its occupants. Iosif Stalin, Franklin Roosevelt, and Winston Churchill are among the dead. Operation Long Jump, a planned assasination of the "Big Three" has succeeded. However, will it be enough to bring victory for the Reich?
  • The Breslau Conferance - On August 29th, 1939, Joachim von Ribbentrop, foreign minister for the Third German Reich, sets down a set of terms Germany would hope to be agreeable in regards to the Danzig Crisis. Neville Chamberlain immediately calls for a meeting between the various leaders in Breslau. As a result, another Great War is narrowly avoided. However, will the new peace last?
  • The Pact of Steel Shattered - Despite his assurances to Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini ultimately decides that Italy will not pursue an active role in the Second Great War. The British Empire deploys most of its military around the home islands, almost immediately ending all hope of Hitler's "Operation Sealion". How would this development affect the course of the war? And would Fascist Italy survive into the Modern Era?
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