Also known as Lieu
Political party Libretarian
Occuptation(s) Writer



Religion Roman Catholic

I'm back and gotta lot of work to do...

So disregard any crap I've said in my past on here, I've changed a LOT.


I had always used wiki but first joined the Fallout Fanon Wiki called Tranquility Lane years back. I uh... wasn't too good on their. My content was over the rules and such. S o I was asked to leave. However, my loud immature mouth at the time made me resist and I was exiled.

I spent my years exiled to the dead Fallout Fanon wikis such as the Pip Boy wiki and Fallout Fanfic wiki. But I was still a young, undeveloped writer. With this, I decided to take a long break from wiki work.

When I came back a long time later, I developed my new account that we know of today: Lieutenant113. It was my way of creating a fresh beginning on the only populated wiki I socialized on and deleted my shamed account. I would once again work on Tranquility Lane under a new name without the staff knowing my true identity while joining new Wikis such as this one. I would spend much time on both, especially Alt Hist as Tranquility Lane became less populated. I made many friends I believe on here but my writing progress was still not as good no matter how it was justified. Not much time later I revealed my true identity to the members of Tranquility Lane. I was glad to know they had left that in the past and gave me another chance as a new person, which they all agreed to forget the past. After a while spent on these wikis, highschool would soon start along with other things would hurt my time. Then came a great seperation from all of Wikia.

Over time I would check in with my wikis but would never stay. Luckily I began to gain much more experience in typing, story telling, and more. After a while, I soon made my return to Tranquility Lane. I was saddened to hear of the major turns in events that had been made with users leaving and such. Now I have made a new permanent setting on TL and continue to become close with the others on their, especially the users from my past. What now? I am now hoping to re-establish myself back here on Alt History wiki.

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