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Name LG
TSPTF Ranking: Supreme Chancellor of the Nemit Masi
Nationality: Canadian
Ancestry: Canadian, Scottish, English, Swedish, Ukrainian
Residence: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, formerly Edmonton, Alberta
Occupation: Hopeful History Grad Student
Political views: Liberal Conservative
Political party: Alberta Party, Separation Party of Alberta, Pirate Party of Canada, or the Conservative Party
History interests:
  • History of Trade
  • Long 18th Century
  • Reading
  • Althist
  • Video Games
  • Tibia
  • RC Helos

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EN - CA This user speaks Canadian English at a native level.
de-3 Diese Person hat nicht sehr gute Deutschkenntnisse.
La Hoc homo anagnostes regula Lingua Latīna.

The names LG, don't wear it out!

On another note, its from the TibiaWiki, so ignore it, lol.

I'm only really involved with 1983, though I am considering a couple ideas for my own timelines.

Have a glance at my Box.


1983: Doomsday



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I'm a Canadian from Alberta, with family throughout the Canadian Prairies, B.C., the Sudbury region of Ontario and in parts of the Northwestern USA, and Kansas. Living in OKC now with the missus.

I do hold a Bachelor's Degree in History, so watch ya backs ;) Will be starting work on a Master's soon, hopefully.

I do have some German language education, and have done Latin as well.

My specialty in history is the 1700s, mostly Europe, though I do have a large knowledge of it in general, outside of Asia and Africa.