Alternative History

Hi, I am LurkerLordB, one of the administrators of the wiki and a worker on many timelines

Timeline: Real Life

2012 – ???

Born 1995
Southern United States
Died ???
Spouse none
Political Party Independent, Social Libertarian, Fiscal Moderate, Security Conservative
Religion Pantheist (Philosophical Taoist/Daoist)

Althistories I have made


These are alternate histories I am personally managing. You can edit, but I am in charge.

  • Johnston Victorious! -An Alternate History in which Albert Sydney Johnston does not die in the battle of Shiloh, and goes on to win that battle, capturing Grant and starting the path for the Confederacy to win the war.
  • Perot's Victory -A small economic crash occurs in 1992, prompting Ross Perot to stay in the race. His campaign unearths a controversy about Bill Clinton, and uses the economy to beat George Bush.
  • Humanity Divided -An Alternate History in which multiple species of human survive, instead of just one. Originally called Neanderthal and put up for adoption, I adopted it.
  • Easternized World - A timeline where the East Asian nations, such as China, Japan, Sri Vijaya, and India, come to dominate world affairs and colonize the world. Adopted from Riction.

Open For Adoption

These are various on-shot ideas I made, that I don't know where to go further with, so now anyone can take them.

  • A Single Vote - The Continental Congress bans all slavery west of the Appalachian mountains.
  • Apocalypse, 2005-Peak Oil leads to World War 3
  • Pepin's Venice-Charlamagne's son Pepin lives and conquers Venice, resulting in a more powerful Frankish Empire
  • President Stassen -Dwight Eisenhower chooses to remain apolitical. Harold Stassen manages to win the Republican nomination and the 1952 election with it.