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I'm a 16-year-old history buff from Maine. I'm an open Socialist, and many of my timelines will have a left-lean. My expertise is mostly in modern Maine history, but is overall about the United States and a little about Canada, Europe and the Middle East.

I have several althists on this site, but the one I've worked on the most was the New England Secession timeline, a rather non-realistic althist about what would happen if Alf Landon defeated Franklin Roosevelt in 1936 (again, I'm already pushing the realism). Eventually, the United States becomes incredibly right-wing and the regions of New England and the west coast secede from the United States.

I'm also working currently on Vice President Cronkite, a TL about what would happen if 1972 Democratic Presidential candidate George McGovern asked CBS Evening News host Walter Cronkite had been offered the Vice Presidency by McGovern. McGovern later wrote in a New York Times op-ed that Cronkite would've said yes, although Cronkite himself never confirmed it.

I also attempted to write two other timelines, The Independent Senator from Maine, about what would happen if Independent Maine governor Angus King would have ran for Susan Collins' senate seat in 2002, after his time at the State House was up (that one hit a roadblock) and the Greater American Republic timeline, which I abandoned after it just became so far out there and unrealistic (and really, really, bad. Almost to a point that it's funny) that I felt like I was wasting my time contnuing it.

I've very recently started work on the President Tilden timeline, in which Samuel J. Tilden is elected in 1876. I've only done the list of presidents so far, but I'll begin work on the TL very soon.

So yeah, that's me.

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