Alternative History

Author of the Chaos Timeline, which starts with the death of Genghis Khan in 1200 (thus preventing the Mongol conquest of Russia, China and Persia) and goes until the year 1993. The complete, unwikified timeline (including stories) is over 800 kB long; it has more than 350 pages on the wiki, of which more than 100 are about the nations alone.

Also created Hitler's Mediterranean Strategy and Jaredia: A tilted Earth.

Thinks about writing a new timeline, to be called How many Sixes does Adolf Nazi have to Roll?.

Often posted on the forum, and edited their wiki as well.

A computer scientist / programmer in his day job; often works on our templates, fixed some of them and created new ones too.

Created most disambiguation pages.

(Re-)Categorized many pages and files.

Adopted Basileus' Interference Timeline.

Made a page for the famous Butterfly Effect.

User #2799 on Discord.

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