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I'm rather proud of this map. It was the first I created on my own.

A map of Africa for the South African Union Timeline

South African Union Timeline map, but showing subdivisions in all unions.

A version of the original African map without subdivisions.

A political map of the world for the South African Union timeline.

My Timelines

These are mostly incomplete... I'm terrible at finishing projects. Ranked!

  • No Communism (Currently my best timeline, if incomplete. I haven't managed to finish it, but what is there is highly detailed. I will definitely revisit this project in the future.)
  • South African Union (This timeline has amazing potential. It has wandered far from its origin, so it may have to be renamed. Near completely Afro-centric so far, although I made possibly my best geo-politics, and also my most fleshed-out war articles. Idea is Transvaal victory in the Second Boer War. Currently my main project)
  • Bulgar Victoria (This timeline is based on European stagnation, similar to what happened to Asia. Asia becomes a world superpower. Also, Europe consolidates, and the Bulgarian Empire survives)
  • Richard's England (This is off to a good start, needs a lot more work, idea is basically more successful Britian, but I also tweaked it so surprising nationalities come out on top)
  • The Imperial Americas (Poorly organized, very incomplete. This was my first real timeline here. May revisit in the future. Idea was failure of American expansion.)
  • Leinster (This timeline was off to a great start, but has stagnated. The Idea was the creation of an Irish Empire under Murchaid Ui Mordha. I based this off an incredibly accurate althistory game called Crusader Kings, but my disk was lost during the final stages of Bressal I (the mad)'s reign. I have given this one up, although the remainder is ok.)
  • Icarus Reality (This timeline is pretty far fetched, and definitely not my best writing. The idea was startling technological advances, or basically an early industrial revolution that went way, way different. Now, I have airships battling in the skies, heavily armored infantrymen running around with miniaturized bazookas...but I totally, totally screwed up on a geo-political level. I also got lazy and unified far too many nations.)

Contributions to other's timelines:

My Map Games

Map games I have created:

  • Imperial Europe: Starting in 1400, players struggled to navigate the renaissance and emerge as colonial powers. Dead due to implausibility and inactivity. A recreation lives on in Imperial Europe 2, created by PitaKang.
  • Europe 1100: Starting in 1100, this map game was an attempt at creating a plausible, well regulated game. However, it became a BS match, with people who posted earlier in the day emerging as the victors in everything. I quit this one.
  • Second Europe 1430: I created this based on the Europe 1430 map game, which is unfortunately defunct. This is an experiment; it is a quagmire of uncontrolled turns and neutral editors.

Miscellaneous Images

I'm uploading these here because I need them uploaded. God, I hate the new licensing policies!