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I'm fairly inactive at the moment. Sorry about that.
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Hey, I'm Mister Sheen. I mostly help out with other people's timelines, since I prefer to work collaboratively; and what I'd really like to do on this wiki is start a timeline with a small team of editors (probably just 2 or 3), rather than the usual 1-man timelines and huge community projects.

I'm also one of the very few people on this wiki who isn't involved with the 1983: Doomsday timeline, any Map Games, or a major solo project; though I intend to start a solo project when I think of something good enough (which could take a while, given the track record of my other timelines).

I strongly advocate the MonoBook wiki skin (you can switch to it here). It looks neater, has more of a "wiki" feel, gives you a direct link to your all-important watchlist, and most importantly, it gives articles more width. The new wiki skin crams the text together, and if the article has an infobox, it's practically intolerable. Plus, whenever someone leaves you a message, MonoBook alerts you with the awesome Wikipedia-style orange box.

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StirlingAward2012.png Stirling Awards:

Historical Knowledge:

  • Strengths:
    • Interwar Period (1919-1939)
    • Colonial and pre-Colonial Africa, Oceania and North America
  • Weaknesses:
    • Most European History before 1900
    • Asian History in general before 1939
  • And, like most people, I have a fair amount of knowledge on the World Wars and the Cold War.

Current Projects:

  • Major:
  • Minor:
  • Plans:
    • Tostig's Alliance – potential solo/collaborative project. Europe, Medieval.
      • In the months leading up to the Battle of Hastings, Tostig Godwinson repeatedly attempted to oust his brother Harold from the English throne. He was funded and provided with troops by his brother-in-law, Count Baldwin V of Flanders; sheltered by his sworn ally King Malcolm III of Scotland; and ultimately forged an alliance with King Harald Hardrada of Norway. What if Tostig had been able to unite his three allies, leading to an alliance which was able to defeat both Harold Godwinson and William the Conqueror, thus securing the English throne for Harald Hardrada (with Tostig overseeing the English court, as Hardrada spent much of his time in Norway).
    • Arminius Magnus – potential solo/collaborative project. Europe, Classical.
      • Arminius becomes a loyal citizen of Rome, does not form his alliance of Germanic tribes, and does not orchestrate the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest. The Roman Empire eventually conquers Magna Germania, possibly expanding further into Eastern Europe and putting an early stop to the Barbarian Invasions 400 years later. This one would take a lot of work, partly because an earlier POD means a more difficult timeline; and partly because Classical Europe isn't one of my strongest topics (I have been doing a lot of research, though). Ideally, I'd like to work on this with a Roman or Ancient German "specialist", if there are any in the community.
    • Ceylonesia – potential solo/collaborative project. Asia, Early Modern.
      • The islands of the Indian Ocean are more numerous and colonially viable.
    • The Big Squash - potential solo project. North America, Early Modern.
      • New Haven, Connecticut is successful in sending its first cargo ship back to England in 1646, and begins to develop as a major trade town. By the time of the American Revolution, it has become one of the biggest cities in the 13 Colonies (with a population only slightly less than Boston's); and it remains this way for the rest of its history. Not a major undertaking as a TL, as it would have almost no impact outside of the USA, and little impact outside of the Northeast. Could possibly result in a giant urban area stretching from the tri-state area through to Providence or even Boston, but it's debatable.
    • The Unfriendly Isles - potential solo/collaborative project. Oceania, Modern.
      • There is no storm in Apia, Samoa on March 15, 1889, so the tensions of the Samoan Crisis are not averted. Could potentially go overboard with this, and have Samoa spark an early World War I; but I'll probably go with something a little less extreme.
    • I'm working on an idea for an ATL featuring a three-way cold war. There's nothing set in stone (I don't have any definite PODs, and I'd like to have several of them anyway), and I'd really like to hear any ideas anyone has. When I say 'cold war', I don't necessarily mean a Capitalist-Communist conflict; I mean a conflict between three superpowers with their own spheres of influence, who try to gain an advantage over each other while avoiding direct combat. Having said that, there would be proxy wars like the OTL Korean and Vietnam wars, the Bay of Pigs invasion, etc.
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